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There are certain areas in the home that we prefer to ignore because of laziness to clean them. Therefore, dirt accumulates and adheres almost permanently. To prevent that from happening, we show you some cleaning tricks that you can use for these areas of the home. Even the most complicated spots and hard-to-reach places can not compete with these solutions to keep your home clean. Attention to these tips to clean difficult areas.

How to clean the difficult areas of your home

Cleaning the difficult areas of the home does not have to be a very complicated task. With these tips, you will avoid the accumulation of dirt in those places that are difficult to access. As extra tips, add them to your weekly cleaning routine. In this way, there will be no difficult corners to clean.

Keep your shower doors clean

Attention to the first of the tips for cleaning difficult areas. Keeping the shower door clean is a challenge, unless you know the secrets of the professionals. Begin by cleaning any surface rust or streaks with a glass cleaner. Scrape off the hard buildup with a razor blade and then dry the doors with a cloth.

To avoid the accumulation of soap scum, stop using bar soap and start using a synthetic soap. Chemically speaking, any soap in the form of a liquid or gel is actually synthetic soap, and it is much less likely to leave a hard film in the shower or bath tub.

Remove your pet’s hair with adhesive tape

The stickiness of the adhesive tape makes it a perfect improvised pet hair remover and this method is faster than vacuuming. It also works on vehicle seats. A sponge or cloth wrapped with tape works very well to get to the corners.

Wrap the adhesive tape around the cover of a paint roller, with the adhesive side facing out. Roller over furniture or carpet to collect hair. Add more tape as the roller builds up.

Clean porcelain surfaces

If you live in an old house, or on newer occasions, you probably have a porcelain sink in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or both. While they can be pretty, they also stain easily and are difficult to clean. Make your sink or sink look as white as snow with white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and salt. Just mix these ingredients with a little water and apply it on the surfaces.

Clean sinks with metal surfaces

Even if you regularly clean your metal sink, you may stumble over persistent spots due to hard water. Fortunately, all you need to take care of that disaster is some distilled white vinegar and an old shirt.

Clean the mirrors

Sometimes we think we know how to clean something, but in fact we are doing it incorrectly or even causing damage. These cleaning errors will make your house look dirtier. When it comes to mirrors, we do not recommend using a glass cleaner on them. Instead, use microfiber cloths, cotton pads, alcohol, vinegar and water.

Remove grease with a warm cloth

Grease and dirt accumulate in kitchen cabinets and drawers over time. To clean your drawers, first heat a slightly moist sponge or cloth in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, spray the cabinets and drawers with a multi-purpose cleaner that contains orange oil. Then clean with the hot sponge. For stubborn stains, let the cleaner sit for five minutes first. Rinse and reheat the sponge as it becomes dirty. Then clean the drawers and cabinets with a cool, damp cloth. The orange oil leaves a shiny coat. This works for any wood or metal surface.

Oven glass door

Do you think the oven is clean thanks to the self-cleaning function of the oven? Well, it could be, but there could also be a problem with the oven door after running that cleaning cycle: it’s covered in a white layer of moisture! Mix water with baking soda to create a paste, apply it on the glass overnight and clean it the next morning.

Clean your blinds

The eighth piece of advice for cleaning up difficult areas of the home is one that makes us too lazy to carry out. And is that the blinds are in a place of difficult access too. But it is not to take the hands to the head. The cleaning of the blinds is simple with a microfiber cloth, liquid dish soap and warm water.

Clean bathroom tiles

Once your bathroom is completely clean, you’ll want it to stay that way. This trick is very effective. Use the wax of a candle to seal the grout and prevent the mold from coming back. You just have to pass it on the surface, and that’s it.

Clean vases and bottles with geometric shapes

No element is more frustrating to clean than glass objects of strange shapes with openings too small for our hands. In that case, use this clever method of cleaning magnets: Cut a sponge sufficiently in peak to enter the vase, in turn cut in half that piece of sponge. Glue a magnet on the part that will not clean the vase, on the two sponges. In this way, the magnet that you have on the outside will attract the one inside and you can clean it easily.

With these little tips to clean up difficult areas you can keep your house tidy and clean. But if you have let time pass and already need a thorough cleaning of your home, the best solution is to contact the best professionals. We love to see our customers satisfied. We do the thorough cleaning of your home in a single day, with the best techniques and the best professionals. Request your budget for thorough house cleaning and you will have your house cleaned in a single day.


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