Lavender oil

Women constantly seek different remedies for the body and face with the intention of always looking young and beautiful. There are chemicals that instead of benefiting, become the worst enemies because of the effects they cause in the areas where they are applied.

They say that the natural is the best and the least harmful to the skin and scalp, two points That the girls constantly take care of. For those who consider plants to be the best allies, these oils are perfect to complement a beauty routine.

1. Lavender

 Lavender oil

Regenerates the skin; It is recommended in people with acne, wrinkles, burns or wounds.

2. Lemon

 Lemon oil

Prevents skin aging; prevents free radicals that affect the cells of the dermis from developing

3. Roses

 rose oil

Stops premature aging, restores damaged capillaries, repairs acne marks and scars; It gives the skin a fresh appearance.

4. Rosehip

 Rosehip oil

Stimulates the production of collagen, reduces wrinkles, improves scars, stretch marks and spots; It works as a moisturizer after surgery, sunburn or sun exposure.

5. Tea tree

 Tea tree

Acts against acne by drying the pimples; acts as a disinfectant in open wounds.

6. Sage

 Sage oil

Gives skin smoothness and helps close pores; prevents the formation of expression lines.

7. Rosemary

 Rosemary oil

Reduces dandruff and is ideal for treating dermatitis, acne and swelling.

8. Argan

 Argan oil

Fights wrinkles and blemishes, improves the appearance of stretch marks and is suitable for skins that tend to appear black spots. It regenerates the skin after sunburn and helps strengthen the nails.

9. Chamomile

 Chamomile oil

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal for those with dermatitis.

10. Geranium

 Geranium oil

Must be combined with other oils; prevents and treats cellulite; eliminates body odor.


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