10 hairstyles to show off in the summer to be beautiful, in order and to fight the heat. Let’s find out how you can make them

With the arrival of summer, it is very difficult to find an easy hairstyle and quick to make, but above all the hair must stay in perfect order. It is not as difficult as it seems, you can easily show off different hairstyles that make your hairstyles beautiful and above all, very useful to combat the heat.

We discover the 10 hairstyles to counteract the heat, even when the temperature reaches 35 ° C.

10 hairstyles for the summer

Hairstyles suitable for the summer are listed here.

The medium harvested: is ideal for those who love loose hair even if it’s hot. Take only the upper part of the hair and tie it in the center with a transparent elastic band, embellished with a Swarovski or hard stone clasp.

The tall disheveled bun: is practical, the unkempt one is less chic but more easy to make. Gather the hair on top of the head and with a few tufts going down to the sides, you will have a lively look . It is a perfect hairstyle for those with wavy or curly hair, so it is more voluminous and disheveled.

The low chignon: is the one that showed off Meghan Markle, on the day of her wedding. Make a line in the center, make a low ponytail, wrap the tail around the tail and fix it with hairpins and hairspray. Leave two strands falling to the sides of the face and you’re done.

The wet look with short hair: is having wet hair, pulling your hair backwards and passing the gel over.

The wet look with medium-length hair: you can also show off those who do not have straight hair, but wavy. Apply the gel or wax on all the hair, so it really gives a wet effect, so that even the curls on the forehead that are formed due to sweat are blocked.

The braid to the side: row to the side and then make a braid to the side that falls on the shoulder. The hair is not in contact with the sweat of the neck and you are in order all day.

The French braid: cannot be made alone but a stylist-hair is needed, because the braid starts from the top and from the center of the head.

The high ponytail : is a hairstyle that has a charm all its own, it is suitable for all types of hair, from smooth to curly, it enhances the face and makes you younger.

The low ponytail with the middle row: is more elegant and sober, after having done it, pass the wax or gel, so as to eliminate the rebel tufts.

The crop with the band: collect the hair and wrap them in a band or turban, keep an eye on the choice of color and imagination.


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