Satisfying one’s partner is of utmost importance for a fulfilling sex life. Yet, many men are still groping to identify what their companion really wants, especially when it comes to an emerging relationship. Indeed, beyond the act in itself which symbolizes carnal pleasure, good communication and a sense of listening are essential to elevate a simple sexual relationship to the rank of a unique and intense moment. To this end, Maxim reveals the desires of 10 women to enlighten us:

  1. Take your time

Gentlemen, know that it is useless to rush if your pleasure relegates that of your partner in the background. Remember that selfishness or impatience in bed never led to very flattering stories. On the contrary, take your time and alternate sweetness and passion.

  1. Be more expressive

Although we say that men come from Mars and women from Venus, we must know that we are not completely different, quite the contrary. If you appreciate the moans of your partner during the act of love, know that the latter asks for nothing more than to share the same feeling from his man.

  1. Use your hands

Your hands can turn into real fairy fingers if you know how to use them. Do not forget that for every woman, there are many erogenous zones that just need to be stimulated to increase the feeling of pleasure felt!

  1. Do not be afraid to show you naughty

For fear of to do too much or to push back their partner, many men keep their secret fantasies. However, being a bit mischievous has never hurt anyone and could even make you discover a new aspect of your relationship.

  1. Slowly undress

Sometimes, the simplest gestures are enough to awaken the desire of your partner. Take the time to undress her gently and reveal the naughty lingerie she has carefully selected for you. This will increase the intensity of his desires and promises a passionate moment to the key!

  1. Pay attention to her needs

Again, egoism is at the heart of female accusations. And for good reason, a man who gives his pleasure first without giving any importance to that of his partner can be ready for an avalanche of reproaches. Indeed, a fulfilling relationship is based on notions of reciprocity and mutual pleasure.

  1. Try new positions

Some women dream of a man who takes the initiative to break the routine by proposing new positions. Indeed, the redundancy in the act of love can quickly turn a passionate relationship into a sex medium.

  1. Explore her body

A woman likes to feel the object of attention, especially when she shares an intimate moment with his lover. Thus, to discover his body and linger is essential to show him that you are ready for anything to give him pleasure!

  1. Look it in the eyes

Despite the belief popular, the intimacy, the true one, passes first by the eyes and not by skin-to-skin contact. Indeed, the link that settles between two people goes first by the connection that is established through the exchanged look. So, never forget to dive your gaze in hers during the act of love. We guarantee that your feelings will be multiplied!

  1. Be creative during the preliminaries

To share an intense and passionate moment, be creative during the preliminaries by making the pleasure last as long as possible. By creating a sense of anticipation in your partner’s mind, you can be sure that his pleasure will reach the heights!


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