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Here is a list of Chinese foods containing dangerous substances that we must avoid

China is the world’s largest exporter of food products. This country uses innovative methods and techniques to bring its products to world markets as quickly as possible and at a lower cost. Not surprisingly, many foods suffer the consequences of these economies of scale.

The list of dangerous foods imported from China that it would be better to avoid

1 – The apple juice

In 2011, dr. Mehmet Oz claimed that Chinese apple juice contained a very high amount of arsenic. Another research published by Consumer Reports showed that 10% of the analyzed Chinese apple juice had exceeded the standard levels of arsenic. Arsenic found in the products was not organic but otherwise toxic and dangerous. If children took a significant amount of juice, they could have serious health problems.

2 – Industrial salt

China is the largest salt producer in the world. However, due to marine pollution, the salt we eat contains microplastics that are dangerous to health. Studies have shown that a person ingests 5800 particles of synthetic debris from sea salt each year, among other dangerous food sources.

3 – Cod and Tilapia

These two types of fish are bred intensely in China. Due to wastewater, industrial waste and pesticides, these fish become particularly toxic and pose an inherent risk to consumer health.

4 – Chicken

China is one of the countries with the highest risk of bird flu in the world. The last contamination dates back to the beginning of 2019 when the authorities announced a new outbreak of H5N6 avian influenza in the city of Lijiang.

5 – Garlic

According to the laws that govern the country, Chinese farmers are obliged to spray their pesticide plantations containing methyl bromide to combat insect proliferation. And although the government plans to remove a dozen highly toxic pesticides by 2022, Chinese agricultural products remain dangerous to health.

6 – Mushrooms

To maintain their appearance, the mushrooms are sprayed with chlorinating agents and other substances that are particularly dangerous to health. An article published in Telegraph revealed that some mushrooms imported from China had radioactive effects.

7 – Peas

A report by the Greenpeace NGO revealed that a significant number of plants imported from China had been contaminated with high levels of pesticides. The frozen peas of the Middle Empire must therefore also be avoided.

8 – Soy sauce

According to a BBC report, Food Standards Agency has warned the consumers of the potentially harmful effects of soy sauce and its content of 4-methylimidazole, a particularly dangerous compound for health.

9 – Tapioca pearls

In 2012, researchers from the university hospital in Aachen in Germany found toxic compounds in tapioca pearls, as explained by our colleagues from Huffpost . These products can affect the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.

10 – Canned foods

According to the Guardian canned peaches imported from China would be particularly dangerous to health . Indeed, they would contain double the lead compared to the authorized threshold.

11 – Shrimp

ABC News states that shrimps imported from China are bred in deplorable conditions. In fact, the channel reports that the Food and Drug Administration has revealed that shrimp and other seafood from China contain pesticides and other compounds that are extremely harmful to health.


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