Hair: Autumn – winter trends 2019/2020, from color to cut, all the trends of the coming winter season, to stay in step with fashion

While we care about protecting the hair from sun damage, we find ourselves thinking about the new hair trends 2019 of the season to come: short cuts medi or long with or without bangs smooth or wavy and curly, for every taste and every shape of the face. Are you anxious to know the future (near) of your hair? Appointment in September at the hairdresser and for the trend setters that always anticipate the times, very well even today. Let’s see what the catwalks have proposed. In particular for what concerns the medium cuts, real protagonists from some seasons, with bob and lob defined in every form and with every styling, more or less short, more or less curly or smooth and above all more or less clear and scaled. Let’s find out more about the new trends that will affect our hair this coming winter.

Haircuts, the trends for the next winter season 2019/2020


It is precisely for tendency to cut which shows the greater characterization for the mid-season: at first glance we note that the almost obsessive scaling of the last period, in particular the summer, leave room for clearer profiles and defined, to bob, above all, with few digressions in length and even cuts, with row in the center but also with bangs, always clear and defined. A sort of return to rigor that also reflects one of the strong moods of next autumn, or a certain halo “bourgeois” that concerns the look in general. A “cleanliness” that makes us anticipate that the next will be a chic winter, with hairstyles, above all, in the name of that décontracté style so fashionable in the 70s, stripped of that respectable touch that instead characterized the previous decades, but also always bourgeois. Therefore, mainly loose hair, often characterized by light volumes at the roots and on the tips, mainly moved or curly.

But, as a counterweight, we also find styling in the name of grunge, with hair moved by completely natural waves, often almost invisible, “second day” or “just wake up” effect, that is the feeling of not having combed before leaving home. All often accompanied by accessories, which remain also in autumn and winter and from gels and lacquers to keep locks otherwise too rebellious.

Short hair cuts for autumn-winter 2019/2020: the inspiration of the 70s

Short hair they want to return to the limelight in a whole new way after last season that decanted them into standard cuts. The frontal lengths rise and become gritty tufts that lengthen the face, the sideburns are confirmed as an element to point to and the short haircuts begin to appreciate also the simple hairstyles but messy, created only with styling and hands, and the hairstyles with braids XXS. Among the short cuts fall winter will be the pixie cut the short haircut and cortissimi à la garçonne ” with bangs scaled , perfect for those with fine hair and straight also for mature women with gray hair . Ideal for enhancing high cheekbones, the pixie cut acquires volume from Intermede. Hairstyles and cuts inspired by the ’70s and’ 80s, perfect for forty-year-olds, but also very popular among the over-50s and 60s. To be avoided, however, if you have a round face, in favor of bobs, real stars of the hair next winter season, they become the creative twist that improves and raises the tendency to short helmets and the most jaunty cuts. I short hair worn up a la garçonne and the medium hair most popular that become the element on which to aim for sensational outfits thanks to the accessories.

Medium haircuts autumn-winter 2019/2020: the bangs

 hair personality test Fashionable this winter the bangs that returns protagonist. An evergreen that never goes out of fashion. The bangs becomes the protagonist of the particular hairstyles thanks to the styling and the volume that is given to this element of the hair, without forgetting the hair gathered with simplicity in the horse tails or chignon . Icapelli with boccoli reinvent themselves medium-sized helmets smooth or more wavy, leaving room also for experimentation with the most bizarre accessories, including masks, which surround the hair and do not make it go unnoticed. The bangs is, in this coming winter, drawn down, it no longer covers the whole front, but leaves space in the center. The classic caschetto, especially in the beautiful version of Lob cut becomes the protagonist. The long tuft and the curtain bangs enhance the wavy hair . While this year row is neither central nor lateral: it disappears under strands of hair artfully woven on the head.I medium curly cuts, instead, aim less and less at the definition and more and more to natural volumes. Half-length is thinned by important scalings. But the bangs is the real protagonist: short and even very short, always climbing and never on par. Who gives a cut of this type? Perfect for rectangular and diamond faces with an important face, it is less suitable for those with round face .

Long hair, very long: the autumn-winter trends 2019/20


Long hair indeed very long? Excellent, but rigorously scaled! The trend for next autumn and winter includes scaling even for long hair. Put aside the long cuts on a par, the winter hairstyle reward pruned and never flat and equal hair. The winter 2020 long hair cuts are enhanced with warm colors and shades, primarily the more intense shades of brown, to give light with meches and schiariture with a very natural final effect.

Hair: Trendy shades for next autumn – winter

 hair color test  

From dark chestnut to caramel reflections, passing from honey-blond to copper-colored reflections, nuance for the coming autumn-winter range from the most nuanced colors to the Balayge techniques with ombré effects tone on tone. Let’s take a closer look at the nuances that are in vogue for this coming season.

Il Castano and its shaded effects del Balayge

The chestnut was the color of 2019 and will continue to be so throughout the autumn enriching itself with intense and warm shades. Chocolate, auburn, dark, mahogany, brown caramel and golden brown : the variants for brunette do not bore and allow you to constantly renew the look. The most desired is the chocolate brown with bright lightening between the copper and hazelnut. You can stay true to your dark hair but with a lighter touch that turns towards brown caramel, honey and gilded bronze. Such as? With the Balayge effect . Of course, you know, balayge is aimed at blonde hair, but it is undeniably the best coloring technique to bring hair to a sun-kissed color regardless of the base, and without anyone ever knowing that it was artfully created in the salon . Balayage is a great option for dark hair that only tries to get a lighter touch. But instead of blond, you have to opt for the warm tones of caramel that are still part of the brown family. Too much detachment creates a very sharp contrast, while a warm brown is almost always more natural. The advantage of the balayge is that it does not require great maintenance because the regrowth will not be a problem and is perfect for straight and curly hair, blond or brown.

The beauty of hair castani is that they are much more versatile than blondes. Their soul is multidimensional and under the light, the color is never equal to itself, but turns thanks to the perfect blend of shades. The secret to making the balayage effect truly lived and natural is to be precise with the locks to lighten: the finer they are, the better when it comes to the baby lights. The monochrome shades are combined with asymmetrical hair cuts to give them more character. To create more movement in dark colors, the techniques of balayage and ombré remain the ideal choice. The perfect way to enhance cuts without sacrificing a natural and discreet shaded effect. The flashes of light on brown hair are more homogeneous with a finer brushstroke. Finally, the tones caramel, hazelnut and honey are the most natural if you are naturally brown.

Copper for the autumn 2019/2020

To the announcement coloring and tinta red mahogany and cherry this year! Do you want to give your hair a natural and refined effect monochrome chestnut ? Try reflexes and shades ramate perfect for highlighting the very clear diaphanous and porcelain-colored complexions. Copper as a shade of red is not new this season but now copper is tinged with darker reflections than in the past. No longer, therefore, monocolored colors but subtle shades of tone on tone that give the general appearance of the hair that natural and soft touch. And if past seasons the trendiest shade was spice, a bright red tending to orange, copper will be the dominant color in the coming months. The fortune of the red is also due to the fact that it is not necessary to bleach the hair to obtain it, as instead happens with the blonde. So much so that red hair is also very popular with women of color, so much so that they are among the favorites and most requested in the New York hair salon.

Autumn is colored blond with the technique “Citrine Blonde”


Defined by the best hairstylist “a fresh, lived-in nuance in yellow gold that does not require large adjustments”. The Citrine Blonde technique is nothing but a simple way adopted by those women who do not like to go to the salon very much. This is the transition tone of blondes who do not want to frequent hair salons often, while maintaining the same reflection. Sometimes the blondes want to be bright all year round and the darker roots serve the purpose, because they need less maintenance while maintaining the shiny finish. Furthermore, maintaining golden, buttery and warm tones is ideal for going from summer to autumn. This is why this technique – which does nothing but leave the root (a couple of centimeters) darker, taking care only of the part of the length with Balayge-type light effects. The purpose of citrine blonde is to facilitate growth.


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