From the newest root beer hair and blauburn to some old acquaintances like the tiger eye and the golden brown, here are the color trends for chestnut hair of the summer 2019 to keep an eye on and … copy!

Not just blond. The new season marks the revenge of the brunette, who will be able to play with a great variety of tones, nuances and nuances. Megan Markle’s hot chocolate cinnamon brown from tiger eye (which continues to remain on the crest of the wave, after having been a must in 2017 and 2018) from the admired (and much copied) hot chocolate, the ideas to renew the look are not lacking.

Discover here the most glamorous trends with regard to the brown hair color 2019 summer. And if you want to change style and … head, don’t miss our article dedicated to the short cuts of the moment!

Hot chocolate cinnamon brown and “sweet” colors

The brown of fashion for 2019? Without a doubt the hot chocolate cinnamon brown! Created in the famous overseas salon Nine Zero One by hair stylist Nikki Lee, it is made with the degradé technique. The procedure involves the selection of small ones (issim) and strands of hair proceeding from the nape to the top of the head and their coloring and toning with 4 or 5 shades of color, from chocolate brown to cinnamon brown. The result is incredibly natural and gives the hair a multi-faceted and intense brightness and a palette of warm, spicy and full of reflections.

The hot chocolate cinnamon brown has already won the hearts of celebrities such as the Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and … a (almost) crowned head, namely that of Prince Harry of England’s girlfriend, Megan Markle.

But cinnamon-flavored chocolate is not the only “greedy” inspiration among trendy browns for the summer of 2019. From the kitchen come other absolutely unmissable nuances, such as the mocha hair color, which replicates the variegated color of the cappuccino, and the nuances that pay homage to coffee, caramel and licorice.

A last variant is the chocolate brown. Invented by the colorist Sharon Dorram of the Sally Hershberger Salon and characterized by amber reflections on a dark brown base, it was brought to the fore by actress Priyanka Chopra.

Golden brown and blauburn

The golden brown was one of the great protagonists of the summer 2018 and seems intent on maintaining the status also for that of 2019. To make it so loved by the brunette is the effect kissed by the sun, which is obtained with lightening on the lengths made with the balayage or shatush technique or with a full and homogeneous coloring. The nuances vary from caramel to honey, with an intense and sensual result in the first case and warm and delicate in the second. A fan of this color is the infuencer Olivia Palermo, who wears it in a sophisticated caramel nuance.

But the golden brown is not the only option for the brunette who want to give movement and brightness to the hair with a natural effect. The blauburn, a mix of golden and copper shades dedicated to light browns, is making headway among the trends of summer 2018.

Tiger eye

The golden brown is not the only hair color that fashion lovers know well. Among the most glamorous brown trends of the summer 2019 there is also another old acquaintance: the tiger eye. Inspired by the homonymous semi precious stone, it is made with the balayage technique and consists of a series of lightening of the foliage to obtain nuances ranging from honey to caramel. The tiger eye is particularly indicated to those who have an olive complexion and follow the principle of hair contouring, or the nuances are made according to a precise scheme to enhance the strong points of the face and camouflage the defects.

Mushroom brown hair

Among the 2019 summer color trends for chestnuts, warm shades undoubtedly play a leading role. But I’m not alone. The mushroom brown hair is dedicated to women with fair complexions and cool-toned hair. This color is obtained by enriching the foliage with shades ranging from gray to ash blond and taupe. The result is a faceted and three-dimensional crown, with a glamorous and decidedly unconventional effect. The mushroom brown hair is suitable both for those who have a light base and a dark one, but it must be chosen with caution, because it hardens the features and tends to emphasize imperfections and signs of fatigue.

Root beer hair and highlights

The latest novelty among the color trends for summer 2018 is called root beer hair and consists in lighting up dark brown hair with highlights in shades of red and golden brown. The result is extremely natural and closely resembles the timeless highlights. But in the latter case, the foliage is enlivened with lightening and tone sur tone tones. The celebrities who love this style are many and among them are the millennial icon Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez and actress Olivia Munn.


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