2019 Summer Shoes

The 2019 summer shoe models to focus on

Shoes have always been one of the most important accessories for a woman. Comfortable or sexy, this year the catwalks have decided to really please everyone, with models declined in both high and low versions and therefore suitable for every desire. In addition to the re-appearance of great models in classic or revisited style, this 2019 also stands out for the return of shoes that take us back directly to the memory of the 60s and 80s: let’s see then what are the ones that you absolutely cannot lose with the arrival of summer.

Sandals gladiator

Impossible not to start with gladiator sandals: long or short, these models represent one of the biggest trends for this season. As for variations, there is nothing to do but to choose the one you prefer, because we can find a really impressive range of models both in the store and on sites that offer women’s shoes online: from knee-length shoes to sandals that arrive at the calf, in leather and with stiletto or cylindrical heels. Even the fantasies are really numerous, and we go from the geometries to the avant-garde up to the rhomboid motifs. Not to mention the charm of the “slave” model, certainly of ancient tradition but always very current.

Mary Jane

Directly from the 1960s, bon ton shoes par excellence, that is Mary Jane, are back in the limelight. Thanks to their low heels, the traditional round toe and the immortal and fascinating ankle strap, it is literally impossible to resist these vintage shoes. Here too we find a wide variety of models, passing through the versions with the instep strap and up to the Mary Jane with high heels. As far as colors are concerned, classics such as black will be in fashion along with novelties such as silver, passing from evergreen floral textures.

Ugly sandals

They are ugly, but also comfortable and chic, and in any case – as often happens – the important thing is that we talk about it. The ugly sandals thus become the maximum expression of opulence and excess, in terms of both colors and textures or applications. Just think of flatform sandals that overflow with showy jewels, or versions that abound with feathers and ethnic weaves. For women who love to dare and stand out, these models are the top.

Mules and Sabot

Other novelties, with or without heels, but always very comfortable: we talk about the mules and sabots, suitable for any event or circumstance, from the ceremony to the cocktail party, and always on the crest of the wave season after season. Among the most trendy models are the very classic flat versions, or alternatively those with the higher heel, more elegant and formal. We are talking about sporty chic shoes that are perfect for a fashionable look, with a splash of vintage and 90s.

From “ugly sandals” to “for slaves”, passing from Mary Jane to mules and sabots, this summer the options to choose to best express your style will certainly be there!


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