Girls showing their manicure with red nails

Nail care and decoration have gained ground in recent years, to the extent of becoming an important element of our look and personality.

Nail colors for this winter have already They are defined and so flirtatious, attractive and elegant that it will be difficult to choose one for your new manicure.

1. Red

 Girls showing their manicure with red nails

Matte, metallic or with glitter, red is the basic of every winter.

2. Silver and gray

 Girls showing their hands with manicure in gray and silver tone

Use the cloudy skies as inspiration and give your manicure a gray or silver touch. These colors are perfect at this time of year, and you can combine them with blue, purple or red tones.

3. Purple

 Girls showing their hands with purple manicure

Grape, lilac or purple for an elegant touch on your hands. Its dark hue allows it to be combined with other colors without losing its essence of sobriety.

4. Malva

 Girls showing their hands with millennial pink manicure

Among the roses and violets, the mauve color provides a feminine, romantic and flirtatious touch, ideal for these holiday parties.

5. Wine

 Girl showing her hands with manicure in wine tone

The color wine in general gives your hands a touch of class and unquestionable elegance.


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