Like the gems on the branches, good intentions emerge in this period: “there are three months to summer, this year I will get it in shape!” Yes, we owe it, not so much, or not only, for the infamous “costume test “, But to get better with ourselves and to collect good habits.

We see 5 points that cannot be missing from the list of things to do, or not to do … for a summer in great shape.

Down from the couch

You stalled in September, then Christmas came, there were parties, soon it will be Easter and then the excuses are really over: make sure you find a subscription to the gym or the pool inside the chocolate egg. Constant physical activity is the only way to have a toned body.

Let your heart beat

As soon as you have regained your rhythm with sports, dedicated to the high intensity: the so-called cardio fitness, which keeps the cardiovascular system in training and burns lots of calories. The treadmills, exercise bikes and all the courses you can follow in the gym are good, under the guidance of a good personal trainer, but also jogging and cycling outdoors. It is always a good idea to alternate these activities with others that bring attention to posture, flexibility, body awareness, such as pilates, hatha yoga, martial arts, real “investments” for present and future health .

Eat (and drink) well

Spring, with its explosion of colors and flavors gives us a nice hand to lighten our kitchen. You prefer the grocery store to the takeaway pizzeria, get fun with fruit, vegetables and legumes, always choose whole grains, whether they are rice, pasta or others, much richer in vitamnins and minerals, as well as fibers that reduce the absorption of fat. Avoid carbonated and drinkable drinks, lots of natural water, better if away from meals. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are in fashion, look around and … try them! If what you need to dispose of is more than a few kilos, check out a good dietician, for a useful comparison and valuable food education tips.

Eat often

It seems a contradiction, but to lose weight it is better to eat little and often, rather than “starve” and get to the main meal without energy and with a hole to be filled in the stomach. This is because if you accustom the body to long periods of fasting the metabolism slows down so as to “burn less”, on the contrary, eating often and well, in a certain sense “train your metabolism” to burn more. It is now known that 5 meals a day are ideal: a rich breakfast, two snacks based on fruit, vegetables, yogurt or juices, light lunch and dinner.

Celebrate every moment

In his book on mindfulness and food, the Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh proposes the meditation of the apple: when you are about to eat an apple, taste it with all your senses, appreciate it for its beauty, its scent, what it’s for your health, not just for its taste. Even eating a simple apple can be a very fulfilling experience. Now think about applying this technique to everything you do, in order to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle.

At every meal so savored it becomes less difficult to fill the stomach only ¾, as it would be good practice to do. The same is true for every physical effort, appreciated and helped by the breath and by a mental “I can do it”. You will get great results and in addition this technique will lead you to look at your body with new eyes!


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