Here’s how to stop biting your nails

We’ve always been forbidden to bite our nails since we were kids. The nails have more bacteria than any other area of ​​the body, which makes the habit of eating them very bad for health purposes.

It is also an uncontrolled habit. onicophagy often reflects emotional disorders and psychological problems. Here are some tips to stop biting your nails.

Why do you bite your nails?

The nail bite is indicative of great anxiety and nervousness. This mania helps soothe and calm stress peaks. It is often at the age of 6 that we start and grow with this automatism.

Apart from cosmetic damage caused by this craze, this could have more serious consequences on health. The nails are in fact carriers of numerous bacteria that cause diseases, infections and viruses. There is a risk of oral diseases, gum infections, cavities, inflammation of the fingers, infection of the nail roots, etc.

Here are 6 tips to stop biting nails and permanently lose this bad habit:

Treat the problem at the root

Look for the cause of your anxieties, stress and nervousness. Pay attention to the moments when you bite your nails, identify critical situations to avoid doing it in the future. Become aware of the ills this habit has on your health. Motivate yourself trying to beautify your nails.

Via stress

Stress is the main cause that makes you eat nails unintentionally. It is the accumulated negative energy that you failed to evacuate properly. To eliminate stress, different solutions are possible: do yoga, sports, dance, activities that fascinate you, etc. In addition to de-stressing you, these activities will keep your hands busy.

Bitter nail polish

This solution is used by many people and is very effective, especially for the little ones. Bitter enamel can be purchased in pharmacies and has no color; men too can put it unnoticed. Whenever you put nails in your mouth, the bitter taste of the enamel acts as a repellent. The product is transportable anywhere, put it whenever you have the opportunity.

Use the delicacies

For once the sweets are a solution! Football coaches have often been seen chewing during games. The reason is simple: chewing gum, candy and lollipops have a strong anti-stress power. Not only do they occupy your mouth, but they also soothe your nervousness, which reduces the risk of gnawing your nails.

Put the gum in your mouth when you feel like biting your nails. But be careful, always in moderation. This is not a reason to binge on candy!


Fake nails have the advantage of being hard, resistant and impossible to eat because they are plastic. You will give respite to your real nails and you will gradually lose this mania.


Solution much less secure than the previous one but equally effective. And by far the best. Cover your fingers with a chilli pepper polish to avoid gnawing them. but be careful never to touch your eyes.

These tips are effective but it is important to consult a psychologist who can treat your problem at the root by looking for your sources of anxiety. hypnotherapy is also a possible solution to definitively interrupt this bad nail-related habit.


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