The reasons behind these pains are varied. It may be a pathology relating to the genitals, irritation of the internal mucosa or biological indisposition to penetration by the woman (vaginal pain). Sexologists can advise different solutions starting with some appropriate treatments. In this article, you are offered sexual positions that stimulate vaginal lubrication to facilitate the procedure. Some of them allow a softer penetration that the woman can control at her own pace.


This is a position particularly appreciated by men. Your partner is lying on his back or even sitting on a chair. Put yourself gently above and go at your own pace. This position is invaluable when you can not stand deep penetration. In addition, it allows you to control the pace to avoid any troublesome pain.

The position of the spoon

It is true that this position is unanimous on a Sunday morning. In addition to being particularly comfortable and closer to you, this position allows you to dampen the strength of penetration and thus adapt it at your own pace. If the pain decreases and you want to take a different angle, just bend a bit more to allow deeper penetration.

External stimulation

It is true that penetration is the most common image of sex. But it is not the only way to experience the intense sensations that can confer it. Try the external stimulation instead. Opt for pleasant positions for you and your partner. If necessary, vary the pleasures by using stimulating accessories that are sure to spice up your sexual routine!

The Position of the Lioness

One of the reasons for pain during penetration is the sensitivity of the posterior part of the vagina. Thus, this position allows an approach that puts less pressure on this area and allows you to discover the joys of sex otherwise. Simply contact your partner to determine the pace that’s right for you.

Stimulation of the clitoris

This position requires understanding from your partner, especially if you are not a vaginal but clitoral woman. Thus, you must prioritize the positions that allow you to stimulate this area. You can lie on your back and ask your partner to lie down on you, so as to promote clitoral stimulation. You can proceed back and forth by stimulating all this part until the final orgasm.

Burlesque pleasure

To avoid pain due to too direct penetration, it is essential to vary the positions. One of the most stimulating is to sit on a chair and arch slightly to promote a less direct penetration angle. You can ask your partner to hold your hips and make circular movements to stimulate each part of your inner walls. You can then go back and forth gently until your vagina is fully lubricated. This very erotic position will be able to give you intense pleasure, enough to awaken the Dita Von Teese that lies dormant in you!


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