It is known, it is not easy to maintain balance in couple life and above all with the passage of time , there are situations that should be avoided precisely because intimacy would also be jeopardized. If at the beginning, when passion is in the air, every gesture, even the worst, is not seen or otherwise ironized, over the years some behaviors annoy us and lead us to see the partner as the friend of camerata . This slowly extinguishes the wish and removes the couple transforming the relationship into fraternal.
So there are situations that women should really avoid doing in front of their man: let’s see them together.

What not to do from vanti to your partner

  1. Depilarsi
    If you are used to shave yourself at home and not by the beautician, try to do it when he is away from home or in the privacy of your bathroom. With time, the image that the man creates of his partner struggling with stripes, tweezers, razors or other, is not really the most sensual.
  2. Manicure and pedicure
    The same thing is true when the woman takes care of his hands and feet ; corns, skins and scattered nails are not always appreciated by men.
  3. Masks, dyes and muds
    If taking a shower or bath together, soaping body and hair can be an extremely intimate and sensual situation to do even with your partner the same is not true when we paint our hair with dyes or masks, or we spread the anti-cellulite mud on the body. For these “restoration” operations we wait for other moments, maybe when he is out with friends.
  4. Digestion and flatulence
    It can happen to everyone not feeling well, having stomach or stomach pain; if, however, letting yourself go to burps and flatulence is a habit, know that over time this will not promote your intimacy.
  5. Abuffare
    Men appreciate women who love good food, good wine and not those companions who eat nothing. But it is not nice to binge of anything in front of the partner, because the image he will have will be very little sensual.
  6. Open bathroom door
    On the couples sharing the bathroom there are various opinions: however, sexologists and psychologists agree in saying that leaving the bathroom door open at certain times is really not very intimate.
  7. Wearing ugly and old things
    Pajamas of worn-out fleece, knickers without elastic, shapeless suits: this clothing should be banned not only when you are with your partner, but always, because it certainly does not give a beautiful image of himself. You can stay comfortable and warm at home with a colored but not creased coverall .


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