using deodorant

8 mistakes when using deodorants that can hurt our health immensely!

When and how do you use deodorants? In what quantity? There are some facts that you should know.

1. The wrong use after showering

They work best after you have washed, so wear it before you start to sweat. This creates the protective layer.

2. Do not wear it twice in a row:

Only wear it once, because it protects you throughout the day. Do not wear it until you have washed the sprayed area.

3. Wrong choice:

Not every deodorant is made for every skin. For example, if you sweat heavily, you need a medically proven strong deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, you need an anti-allergy deodorant.

4. Combination of different smells:

You should not mix it with smells that do not match. Shampoos etc. should smell similar or appropriate: mint and peach do NOT match.

5. You only use it in the morning:

Most people use it only in the morning, but it is also very good at night because it protects the pores permanently.

6. Only deodorant, no shower:

They help you to smell better, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to your hygiene – nothing replaces a shower.

7. Too much:

Too much of it can hurt you, or your skin. Irritations, etc., are pregermarded in case of excessive use due to the whole chemistry.

8. Wrong places:

You can not reiterate it often enough: only apply to dry and cleansed skin so that it can show its power. Applying on the clothes brings nothing!

Applying: The armpits are important, but there are other places that would benefit from Deos:

Under the breasts:

Every woman knows how annoying it can be. Before getting dressed protects against this feeling.

Legs: Deodorants make your skin beautiful, silky and fresh. Perfect if you wear thin jeans etc.


When the sweat drips it is annoying – especially for the eyes.


The knees can sweat quickly.


Deodorant reduces the irritation that new shoes could cause – like blisters.


If the sweating then it smells bad – so in front of the socks a little deodorant.

Thighs: When you walk, it can be very uncomfortable very quickly – also there helps the good deodorant!


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