80’s Fashion


As far as fashion is concerned, the decade of the 80s was, without a doubt, one of the most notorious. After all, in what other decade could tight pants be worn one day and baggy the next? You could also use leg warmers, a sweater and a miniskirt, all at the same time (and in electric neon colors). Vibrant colors mixed in an unusual way were totally allowed. We will show you below some of the most notorious fashion trends of the 80s.

Shoulder pads

The large and very pronounced shoulder pads are one of the main fashion trends of the 80s. Perhaps it had something to do with the liberation of women and the affirmation of the power that women began to have in the workplace. Take a look at the girls in the pictures below, the pronounced shoulders, definitely add strong character to the females. Whatever the reason, all the women wore shoulder pads.

Mini skirts

The shorter the better, both the women and the girls loved the miniskirts. The denim ones were the most popular, but they were also made in a number of other materials, including knitting and leather. They were often combined with booties.

Leg warmer

Another of the main whims of fashion in the eighties, which did not make much sense, was that of leg warmers. Maybe we all had very cold legs because of the miniskirts we were wearing or maybe we just thought it looked nice. Whatever our reasoning was at that time, it was one of the main trends in this decade.

Huge earrings

Huge earrings from several collections of fancy jewelry were the latest fashion. If the earrings did not touch the shoulder, they were not big enough.

Gloves without fingers

Gloves without a finger was another of the strange tendencies of these times. From the most romantic to the punk rock fans, fingerless gloves were popular among a wide variety of genres. They will always be interconnected with the Madonna look of the mid 80’s.

Parachutist pants

The trend started with normal cargo style pants but ended up in baggy pants than a sack of potatoes. Parachute pants can very well be a piece of clothing that sums up the ridiculousness of the 80s. But, at that time, they felt very cool. They were used by both boys and girls.

Jackets “for Members’

The “member-only” jackets were in fashion, and the imitations were completely unacceptable. The sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow, a look typical of that decade.


Clothing that could be used in different ways was also sold. They were sold in unique sizes, and with 3 or 4 of these garments, you could enjoy dresses, skirts, pants or sweaters. In these images you can understand this concept, which was very popular among young people.

Trousers with stirrup

This type of pants, usually made of stretch fabrics, had the ability to lengthen the legs.

Large tops

Great sweaters, sweatshirts and T-shirts were used with miniskirts or pants. Often they were wrapped around the waist with large, flashy belts.

Acid washed jeans

This type of wear on jeans was another of the most striking trends in this decade.

Jeans with tweezers

A trend that, luckily, was completely forgotten. The pants with tweezers on the waist, even the jeans, were used a lot.


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