Abdomen liposuction what it is, recovery times and costs

Liposuction of the abdomen is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery. Here is how much it costs, how it happens and when it is advisable to do it ...

Liposuction of the abdomen is an aesthetic surgical procedure, which allows the removal of excess fat cells at the abdominal level, especially those that tend to persist even with intense physical activity and with a diet to lose weight in a short time.

How is abdominal liposuction performed?

Usually, the surgeon makes 3 small incisions (2 towards the hips and one near the navel), no more than 5 millimeters long, through which a surgical cannula is introduced, which has the task of crushing and aspirating the fat. This operation is performed in the “dark”, as the specialist does not see the operating field. For this reason, he must have a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the area to be treated.

Liposuction of the abdominal area does not require general anesthesia, but only the sedation of the patient. Only in the event of an important enlargement of the affected area can we think of implementing epidural anesthesia. In recent years, liposuction of the abdomen has also taken place via laser, which is carried out under local anesthesia and allows the cell membrane to be destroyed and its contents eliminated.

Abdomen liposuction: what are the recovery times?

For the liposuction of the abdomen the post operative can foresee swelling, ecchymoses and edema of the traumatized area. The compression bandage implemented by the surgeon to protect the operated area must be maintained for at least a week.

However, already the next day the patient can be operational, as long as he limits physical activity for at least 15 days. Furthermore, it is essential that you take specific antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs and avoid exposure to the sun, until the edema has completely re-absorbed.

After the abdominal liposuction procedure the desired results come after a few months, since the skin, after the swelling has disappeared, tends to wear out, and needs a lot of time to retract. However, once the final aesthetic result has been achieved, this is permanent, provided that you commit yourself to eating in a healthy way and doing constant exercise.

It is fundamental to underline that for the liposuction of the abdomen the foreseen risks are extremely reduced, since the surgeons who practice such treatment must be highly qualified and can carry out the intervention only if the suction of the fat is greater than 3-5% of the body weight. Furthermore, in the case of women who have recently given birth, the specialists, if serious and professional, must make them wait at least 6-9 months after the end of breastfeeding before intervening.

Expected costs for liposuction of the abdomen

As far as the liposuction of the abdomen is concerned, price is a very important factor, which must be assessed a priori. However, before defining the cost of the intervention it is essential to carry out a consultation with the plastic surgeon, in order to assess the feasibility of the procedure, the amount of fat to be removed and the method of intervention.

Much depends on the reference structure and the chosen specialist. In general it can be stated that abdominal liposuction has a cost not less than 2,500 euros/dollars for not too consistent accumulations of fat, while it can reach 5,000 euros/dollars if a complex abdominal remodeling is to be implemented.

The price paid by the patient for the intervention includes all the expense items, namely: the cost of the cosmetic surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the surgical team, the operating room, the dressing and the subsequent checks.


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