1. Every vagina is different

As every woman is different, every vagina is dissimilar too. The color, the form, the smell, everything varies in the female part of the woman, even if the function is the same. So do not be surprised when it’s a little different from what you’ve seen before.

  1. It’s not just G

We’ve all heard about G, an erogenous zone of vagina which, when stimulated, can lead to sexual arousal and orgasm

But have you heard of point A? Also known as the erogenous zone of the anterior fornix, point A would be deep within the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder.

Point A is a relatively new discovery by Malaysian researcher Chua Chee Ann. In one study, he reported that 10 to 15 minutes of A-point stimulation would result in instantaneous orgasms and vaginal lubrication in 15% of women who reported pain and dryness during sex.

  1. The clitoris has thousands of nerves

Although the clitoris is not in the vagina, we simply can not miss the opportunity to talk about this incredible female genital organ.

The clitoris is considered by many women as the knot of sexual pleasure, and no wonder! The tip of the clitoris alone contains 8,000 nerve endings, more than double the number of nerve endings in the penis, making it the most sensitive part of the female erogenous zone.

And as if that does not happen was insufficient, research has shown that the clitoris can increase in size up to 300% during sexual arousal.

  1. Vaginal secretions are normal

The fluid created by the glands located inside the vagina and cervix, takes away dead cells and bacteria that help keep the vagina clean. This is called vaginal discharge.

The amount of secretions depends on each woman. Exercise, contraceptive pills and stress can also cause a flow.

  1. Preliminaries are important

A man can have an erection just thinking about sex. But for most women, wanting is not enough. Preliminaries have a physical and emotional purpose, helping to prepare the body and mind for sex. Many women need to be kissed, cuddled and stroked to lubricate the vagina, which makes sex more comfortable.

  1. When it’s dry it’s painful

Vaginal dryness can be caused by hormonal changes , anxiety and more. So gentlemen, know that sex can be very painful for the woman when she suffers from vaginal dryness. But do not worry, it’s temporary, and until it passes, you can trust the lubricants.

  1. The breasts change size during menstruation

Breasts can undergo changes during a menstrual cycle. They become tender and very sensitive and even seem to change a little in size and shape. So be gentle gentlemen!

  1. Intimate smells, it’s normal …

Musky, earthy, sweet, salty. Each woman has her unique vaginal fragrance, a reflection of her body chemistry, level of perspiration, foods she regularly eats and other factors. Even if you are not completely comfortable with this, know that it is completely normal. On the other hand, contact your doctor when the smell becomes too strong and embarrassing.

  1. The vagina changes after delivery

The vagina stretches during birth to allow the baby to pass through the uterine canal and release after delivery. One study found that the pelvic floor muscles involved during delivery can stretch three times more than their normal volume. In addition, changes in the appearance of your vulva and vaginal opening may occur after pregnancy, but are only temporary.

Also, Kegel exercises are very convenient for tightening the vaginal muscles of the woman after childbirth and sexual self-efficacy.


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