There are thinness myths that should be dispelled in order not to incur the myth of false reality that does not allow us to lose weight optimally

Today there are many diets and weight-loss allies that promise to give us the body of our dreams, however, they make us fantasize and pay a heavy price.

Some diets promise to get dream bodies but are often at the expense of health. Too drastic, unhealthy and restrictive, they lead to harmful consequences for the body. Moreover, the increasingly exasperated digitization of the current world, the contents of social media, shape our subconscious mind making us aspire to these ideals of beauty.

Men, like women, are victims of a false reality that leads them to redouble their efforts to achieve often unrealistic goals.

The dream of a perfect body

The infernal spiral of diets and the promises of those who call themselves weight experts can quickly turn into a vicious circle.

Social networks are full of profiles presumably focused on a balanced and healthy life. Countless followers try to adopt the lifestyle of their favorite models, without really understanding why or how these trend mechanisms can affect their body. But when the results are not the same, it is self-esteem that pays the consequences.

Diets and weight loss, a deceptive industry

Today there is a real “healthy” food industry, used by some wrongly because its benefits are lost in a tangle of misconceptions, testimonies of “miracles” and therefore false results. Many followers find themselves trapped in marketing promises put to perfection to enhance the benefits of diet pills and other fat burning supplements when in reality they are more a myth than anything else, as nutritionist J and Michel Cohen explains on magazine Elle .

Losing weight does not consist in taking “miracle” pills that may have no lasting or obvious effect on weight loss. They could also have significant health consequences. Heart defects, hypertension, palpitations, liver damage are just some of the side effects, which have led to the gradual withdrawal of these miraculous pills from the international pharmaceutical market, as can be seen in the journal Marie Claire.

To find the line and not succumb to the myths of thinness, here are 3 important things to consider to achieve your goals:

1. “Perfection” does not exist

The result of an effort to lose weight depends completely on the individual, his body and the areas of the body affected by weight loss. For overweight people, the skin can begin to sag due to reduced body fat as stretch marks may emerge. Therefore, parallel physical activity is a crucial element to consider.

2. All fats are not bad

Although many fats are harmful, it does not mean that they are all harmful to health and body weight, a diet rich in good (unsaturated) fats can be useful for weight loss . Good fats are present in olive oil, fish, nuts and avocados and these foods have been shown to be very effective for losing belly fat due to the polyunsaturated fatty acids they contain. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands the results showed that the consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids resulted in a higher resting metabolic rate as well as a greater loss of calories induced by the diet.

3. Lifestyle is a key factor

Although from a psychological point of view, observing the effective effects at the beginning of the diet plays on motivation and promotes constancy, a healthy lifestyle is essential to guarantee a good health and avoid taking back the pounds lost.

We must not stop making efforts once we get the first concrete results, rather we must use the initial weight loss as a springboard to consolidate your long-term efforts.


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