Acrylic nails 2020- all the shades that are in fashion

Acrylic 2020 nail extensions consist of several steps:

1) First, the nails are prepared for modeling. Nails are disinfected and a dry manicure is applied. The cuticle is removed and the pterygium is removed. Lift the free edge of the nail with a saw blade with an abrasive for 180. Then grind the nails with a grinder. A professional brush removes dust from the nail and around it. Apply the medicine to clean the nail plate and let dry.

 Acrylic nails 2020- all the shades that are in fashion

2) Set the shape, stick your ears for the embodiment of the « C-curve » ideal acrylic nails 2020.

3) Then, in a special ceramic or glass container, pour the liquid. Dip the brush in a cup with a monomer. Well, squeeze the liquid so that the brush is almost dry. Then, a pink dust ball that is camouflaged is collected. He is obliged to come out like a hedgehog – on the perimeter to remain untreated parts of the dust. Otherwise, if the ball gets wet, you cannot continue this work. Because the acrylic will extend in shape and acrylic nails 2020. It is required to wait until the acrylic ball absorbs liquid. And then apply acrylic on the surface of the nail. Distribute it with straightening movements on the free edge and in the area of ​​the cuticle.

 Acrylic nails 2020- very soft shades that are recommended

It should be noted that acrylic hardens, slowly becomes plastic. If you have just trained, you will have time to correct the curve of the “smile line of acrylic nails 2020. A certain pink color of the powder hides all the inconveniences of the present nail and visually lengthens it. [19659002] 4) Then touch the brush in clearance, squeeze the excess on the edge of the glass. Pick up a bright white powder ball. Place the acrylic on the mold, making the length of the free edge. Basically, it is not more than 2/3 of the length of the nail base. Push the acrylic towards the free edge and distribute the “lines of a smile of the nail in the corners. To complete the advice of this “smile take small balls of bright white acrylic.

With the desired consistency of the marbles, the marble effect does not appear in white and pink acrylic. With all this, it doesn’t matter what method to apply with acrylic and what technique to follow. The qualities and characteristics of acrylic will be the same; There will be no air bubbles. After the manipulations completed in the “smile line “. It is necessary to align it with the end of the brush. You have a lot of time to redo the mistakes.

 Acrylic nails 2020- very trendy pink and white

5) The same method is used to collect a pink powder ball. Starting from the cuticle area and ending with a free edge. Wrapping the free edge of the nail completely, cover the pink 2020 acrylic nail plate.

In this step, you need to create a nail arch. The highest point should be located in the tension zone and move gently towards the free edge. In the cuticle line, a little more acrylic should be placed. So the thickness of the acrylic in the cuticle line is cut and polished smoothly.

6) Remove the shape with tweezers for the “C curve along the sides of the free edge, fill with acrylic.

7) Open the free edge, sides and surface of the false nail. Grind and polish the nail.

 8) Apply oil to the cuticle and rub it lightly. Then wash your hands and dry. On the surface of the nail a protective layer or the usual transparent layer is applied or the nails are simply polished. French manicure is still very popular and always appropriate for any style. For the Acrylic 2020 nail screening, the use of a fine grinding powder is required, which will prevent the appearance of air bubbles.

 2020 acrylic nails - classic black color and of very elegant ronce Acrylic nail extensions can also be made on the tips. Nail modeling in acrylic technologies should be done only in salons, this is the work of professionals. Home self-realization is excluded. If you decide to dedicate yourself professionally to nail extension, I recommend that you take training courses.

The simple acrylic coating method is widely used. With good natural nails, acrylic is placed on its surface, which ensures the lengthening of the nail plate. After this action, the edge with the natural nail was wrinkled carefully, so that later, when it begins to grow, a careless hump does not appear at the junction. For such acrylic nails 2020, correction is mandatory approximately 3 times in three weeks.

For this, the length is cut and half the thickness, then another layer of acrylic is applied again. When making the correction, the design of the nail is constantly maintained: the tip and the cuticle must be thin, and thicker than them to prevent the nail from breaking. To remove the nails is simple: they cut the free edge, then the fingers are lowered in a special liquid, in which the acrylic dissolves completely.

 Acrylic nails 2020- very fashionable acrylic for elegant women Acrylic 2020 nail extensions are produced on the feet. Basically, nails retain their length, and very short nails are slightly elongated. This correction of the nails in the legs is performed much less frequently than in the hands. Individual 2020 acrylic nail extensions last a whole summer, when this procedure is most popular among customers.

2020 acrylic nail extensions on the legs not only provide a decorative ability. Thanks to him straighten the growing nail. Because acrylic is considered a hard material, it repairs the clamp of the nail, does not allow it to bend and pulls the path behind it in the correct position.

 Acrylic nails 2020- the most fashionable trends for long ones False nails paint with simple varnishes, the nail lasts a long time on these nails. If desired or necessary, artificial nails are cut with special saws and polished. Absolutely all correction of artificial nails should be carried out, so do not ignore this, because this is a very important condition for maintaining nail health.

Small cracks or some other defect between the artificial nail and one’s own they must be addressed and corrected immediately, so there will be no hitting dirt, infection, moisture, as this can lead to the development of fungal diseases, and it is a very annoying problem. And if you think the nails are still in good condition, the correction should be made once every two weeks.

 Acrylic-nails-2020; -the-decoration-of- the-nails-2020

 Acrylic-nails-2020; -the-nail-decoration -2020

 Acrylic-nails-2020; -the-nail-decoration-2020

 Acrylic-nails-2020; -the-nail-decoration-2020

 Acrylic-nails-2020; -the-nail-decoration-2020

 Acrylic nails 2020- French style with very soft colors


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