Alpha hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are a precious ally for your beauty: discover all their benefits and how to use them to the fullest

Alpha hydroxy acids are organic acids from fruit, plants and milk and have chemical characteristics that act as moisturizers and exfoliants on the epidermis. In fact, at low concentrations, they act as moisturizers, while at higher concentrations they act as natural exfoliants.

The most commonly used acids in cosmetics are glycolic acid and lactic acid, followed by citric acid, malic, pyruvic acid and tartaric acid.

In particular, alpha hydroxy acids increase skin plasticity with a consequent decrease in the formation of scaly flakes.

That’s why, especially in herbal products, they are among the ingredients of the labels of the best products for sale, usually in cream or gel. However, these are products that should not be used before sun exposure, so avoid them in the summer beauty routine.

Alpha hydroxy acids for the skin

Alpha hydroxy acids, also commonly known as fruit acids, are real cure-all for the skin. For this reason they are found in herbal products and cosmetics, but also in shampoos, sun products and hair masks.

But it is on the skin that it is possible to see tangible results immediately. In fact the alpha hydroxy acids on the skin are able to make it more flexible and compact. In particular the glycolic acid, extracted from sugar cane, in contained amounts retains the water coming from the underlying layers of the epidermis and prevents skin dehydration. TO

higher concentrations, on the other hand, glycolic acid allows an easier elimination of excess dead cells: the skin becomes as smooth and luminous as it can be in a mask or in an exfoliating treatment.

For all these reasons the alpha hydroxy acids for acne are indicated for those who suffer from it and are therefore found in products intended for the resolution of this problem. In fact, when applied to the skin in exfoliating cream or gel, glycolic acid penetrates the upper layers of damaged skin and destroys the element that holds the dead skin on the surface.

The result is a much smoother skin with a younger appearance, with excellent results in the destruction of bacteria. They are also excellent for acne scars, just like the most famous snail-based cream, as glycolic acid makes them less obvious. Therefore, with due care, these products can be inserted into one’s skin care to achieve perfect skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids in herbal medicine

Herbal alpha hydroxy acids are found in various products. It is usually advisable, once a product has been chosen, to test a small amount on the skin because in particular glycolic acid can be irritating on very sensitive skin. This allows you to notice immediately if the skin is able to tolerate the treatment.

The alpha hydroxy acids in cream act to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin by loosening the bonds that hold the cells together, in this way a peeling effect of the dead cells is obtained, which is why the skin appears more relaxed and with much less spots evident.

It is therefore recommended to first ask for an herbalist’s opinion based on the needs of each person.


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