The contraceptive ring is a hormonal contraceptive that can be used by all women who do not intend to get pregnant. It is very flexible and must be inserted directly into the vagina, bought at the pharmacy and is quite accessible. It may have the side effects typical of other hormonal based contraceptives.

Have you ever heard of the contraceptive ring? It is a hormonal release contraceptive, which is used to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, which must be inserted directly into the vagina, for this reason it is often called the vaginal ring.

You can buy it at the pharmacy, where the Nuvaring ring is sold, the only one sold in Italy. The contraceptive ring is so named because its round shape reminds precisely that of a ring, with a diameter of 5.4 centimeters and a thickness of 0.4 centimeters.

It is made with ethylene vinyl acetate, which provides the necessary softness, is transparent, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and does not change when it comes into contact with the walls of the vagina. Once inserted, it begins to release the hormones that prevent ovulation.


The contraceptive ring is inserted directly into the vagina and is very practical, because the doctor does not need to position it, but we women can insert and remove it independently, because it must remain there for only three weeks. Virtually the vaginal ring works like the contraceptive pill, blocking ovulation with hormones. It is made up of progestin and estrogen and the dosage of these two hormones is very low, so the side effects are considerably limited.


During the first use, the contraceptive ring must be inserted on the first day of menstruation and eliminated after three weeks. After having taken a break for a week, a new ring must be reinserted, always continuing the alternation between the three weeks and the week of the cycle. It is extremely important to insert and remove the vaginal ring at the same time of the same day every week. The contraceptive ring always remains in the vagina, even during sexual intercourse, in which it will not give any trouble, neither for women nor for their companions. Its contraceptive efficacy is around 99% proving to be one of the safest contraceptive methods.


This is the real fear of many women, as is the case with internal pads. In this case, however, it is much simpler. To insert the contraceptive ring you have to take it between your thumb and forefinger, bending it and pushing it into the vagina, as high as possible, because it must come close to the cervix. There is no absolutely right position for the ring, because it is particularly flexible, so it adapts by itself to the walls of the vagina. Many women put it on their feet, bending their knees, or raising one leg, while for others it is more convenient to insert it in bed. A tip is to insert it with your right hand and help you with your left hand to keep your lips open as much as possible. To remove it, just take it with the index and push it down.


The cost of the contraceptive ring is around 20 euros/dollars, it can be purchased in all pharmacies and it is advisable for the first time to be prescribed by the trusted gynecologist.

As with all drugs, there are also contraindications for the contraceptive ring, which are very similar to those deriving from taking the pill. First of all it should be pointed out that the vaginal ring is very useful in case of unwanted pregnancies, but it does not protect against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, which can only be avoided by using condoms.

Among the most common side effects we notice nausea, vomiting, headache, spotting, acne, anxiety, genital itching, pain in the abdomen and back pain. During the first months of use it is likely that the ring will come out on its own and it is extremely important to reinsert it within three hours, washing it in cold or slightly warm water.

Following the insertion of the vaginal ring you could develop inflammations such as vaginitis or infections like candida, because it is always a foreign body that is inserted into the vagina. In some cases you may experience pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal lesions may appear.

Does the anticonceptional ring make you fat?

As with the pill, many women wonder if the contraceptive ring will make them fat. As you well know, every body reacts differently to drugs and various components, but in general the vaginal ring does not make you fat. The hormonal dosage contained in it is very low, for this reason it does not allow to gain weight.

As with the pill it is likely that some water retention will occur, and as a result you will feel swollen, particularly on the abdomen and breast. In that case it is important that you drink at least two liters of water a day, reduce the amount of salt taken during the day and do some sport, at least three times a week.


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