Regardless of the mascara you use, there are tips to make the best use of it and to have thick and fantastic eyelashes with a “wooow” effect

Mascara is one of the most used makeup tools by women. Yet finding the right mascara sometimes turns out to be a challenge as what best suits a person does not necessarily fit others. However, there are small application tips that can make a mascara a flagship product that gives us long and voluminous eyelashes. So, before throwing away or giving away products that we don’t like, let’s make these attempts.

4 tricks to enhance the mascara effect

1- Start with a base

Like skin or eyelids, eyelashes are easier to work with when starting with a base. There are many on the market (think of the Mascara Base Perfect Mascara by Givenchy, Subversion Base Urban Decay or Mascara Volume Base by Kiko). These products allow you to lengthen the lashes and give them volume even before applying the mascara. So, even if you think it is impossible, there are chances that after the base the problem is solved!

2- Try with the eyeshadow

If we don’t have a base, we start putting a layer of mascara, then we put eyeshadow flush with the lashes and then apply a second layer of mascara. Inevitably some dust will settle on the eyelashes, this will make that the second layer of mascara necessarily brings volume.

3- Raise the head during the application

Rather than stand in front of the mirror or look down, it would be better raise your chin when applying mascara. In this way we can see the base of the lashes, and place the brush in the right place and load the lashes from the root. We put the brush on the base of the lashes and then proceed in a zig-zag from the root to the tip of the lashes. Guaranteed volume effect

4- Brush the lashes between one layer and another

We will hardly be satisfied with a single layer as it is not enough to stretch and give volume to our lashes, so if we decide to pass a second layer before proceeding let’s take a look at the other eyelash brushes usually supplied in brush kits and which we never use). Between each layer of mascara, the eyelashes must be combed to remove excess material, starting from the base to the tip of the lashes. In this way, we can work the eyelashes and multiply the layers without fearing the overload.


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