Cosmetics Avene - what unique features?

A feature and advantage of the Aven skin care funds that their main component – the homonymous curative thermal waters. Because of this, the products of this brand can solve the problems of the most sensitive skin and impurities of the skin. In the nineteenth century, the thermal spring was named a national treasure in France and was organized by the famous thermal center. Cosmetic oats are available for different skin types, including atopic and hypersensitive.

Well-being, an effect is obtained by keeping Aven silicates and other nutrients, which is rich in rocks, in water. It is bacteriologically pure, with neutral PH (7.5), composed of 14 mg / l quartz.

Due to the complex of mineral substances, the skin is nourished, maintains the acid-base balance, eliminates irritation and l ‘inflammation. Its therapeutic properties have been shown to be biological and pharmacological studies, calming and confirmed 600 clinical trials conducted specifically in France

 Cosmetics Avene - what unique features?

The Range of Avene

Product catalog «health» Med-magazin. ua offers products for the different sensitivity of the skin. It is designed to clean, hydrate, protect, cure, nourish and more. You can buy products to correct the skin tone, used as a base for make-up and removal products. Initially, a producer focused on products for sensitive, dehydrated skin and very sensitive skin. Production growth is full of products for normal and oily skin such as sun protection and decorative cosmetics

Medical series, which for maximum efficiency used in combination or after medical procedures. It is used after facial cleansing to promote healing after plastic surgery and other surgical procedures. The therapeutic effect of cosmetics intended to combat skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis, burns, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and other diseases of different etiologies.

How useful is Avene thermal water

French laboratory Avene for the manufacture of cosmetic products for spa use, is over 55% in composition means. But it is used actively and in nature. Its healing properties are neutralizing free radicals, providing moisture, softness and radiance. Daily care is used as a basis. The efficiency demonstrated below dermatological diseases after cosmetic procedures, with the aim of alleviating inflammation and healing skin damage.

Because water is tested and confirmed safe for sensitive skin, it is also recommended in cases where the use of cosmetics is contraindicated. The application is recommended in the morning before applying makeup and all day to give freshness and relieve fatigue. The packaging allows you to carry it with you, lightly spray on face, neck, especially when it is tight and dry

 Cosmetics Avene - what unique features?

Series of care for sensitive skin

Women with sensitive skin have difficulty choosing funds, because they must have a special composition that none of the components will cause irritation. It is important that the cosmetics subsided and moistened. The series includes:

• milk to remove makeup containing thermal water, sodium hyaluronate and other sweet cleansers

• lotion has emollient and toning natural action of silicates, with which, in a complex with thermal water of effective purification, and the creation of a delicate film that protects from the outside negative factors

• cleansing gel helps to remove dirt, gives the feeling of freshness;

• micellar lotion helps to quickly remove makeup, soothe the skin, preventing dehydration

• scrub gel offers a deep cleansing and smoothes the skin eliminating the dead and the particles of skin, and also gives glow, freshness;

• soothing cártama wrap, coconut, providing moisture, short restoration, due to temporary problems (burns, freezing burns, etc.), skin hypersensitivity;

• intensive moisturizing serum with a liposome, glycol, glycerin and silicone gel makes the skin elastic, soft, velvety and radiant;

• nourishing cream complex compensation of active ingredients and vitamin E helps restore the epidermal barrier, nicknamed the “hydrolipidic mantle” and enhances the protective properties of the epidermis.

Cleanance K series for oily and impure skin

French cosmetic Avene is famous for its tools for teenage skin problem, acne and rash. This disease affects people, not only in adolescence, and mature, when it is caused by the interruption of metabolic processes in the skin. The series includes gel, matifying lotion mask for deep cleansing, regulation and smoothing of a cream. They have antibacterial, purifying, exfoliating, healing, soothing and calming effect. There is an emulsion sunscreen for the prevention of acne, often aggravated after sun exposure.

In the series there is a special gel cream that is applied extensively in the affected areas and a white pencil to remove local defects. As evidenced by the reviews, after the complete course of Aven treatment products they can forget acne, rashes, increased fat and other unpleasant hormonal and other body disorders. In addition to remedies, there are daily cleaning products. These include a cleansing gel and special micellar water cleanance-K.

 Cosmetics Avene - what unique features?

The care for dehydrated skin

Series Avene Hydrance optimal solution for dehydrated skin. Lack of moisture activates rapid aging and other issues. La Riche cream for washing and Legere – mixed and normal types of skin will be longer, for intense hydration. Thanks to its special components, including lipomyces, lipids, glycerin is provided by the penetration depth of thermal water in skin and controlled by its loss. The composition gently covers the skin, helps to alleviate irritation and helps to calm it.

Eluage products

For people over the age of 40 it is recommended to order Ystheal and Eluage series anti-aging products. They help keep the skin elastic, prevent and correct wrinkles. They are also effective in the treatment of deep and unpleasant wrinkles such as age manifestations, such as a deepening of the nasolabial furrows, crow’s feet, etc.

To do this, the manufacturer has developed a special concentrated gel, emulsion, eye cream and the face. The heart of preparations for the anti-aging fragmented hyaluronic acid (HAF) and retinaldehyde RAL. Thanks to their combined effect of increasing the synthesis of elastin, collagen, fibers, designed to ensure the elasticity of the skin and restore the intradermal level.

Women are familiar with the problem of dark circles, bags, saggy skin in the area of eye contour. Contour des Yeux cream activates the metabolic processes at the cellular level, the production of hyaluronic acid, the firming of the skin. The look becomes more open, and his eyes shine.

Combating the redness of the skin

Special Avene Antirougeurs formula helps to eliminate and reduce the temporary and scattered redness caused by erythrosis, rosacea and other skin diseases. The cream helps make the capillaries less visible, and also to suppress angiogenesis and soothe the skin.

Emulsion improves blood circulation, protects the environment from influence and climatic factors. Rusco extract mask that moisturizes and protects the skin, reduces inflammation. It is recommended to use for the local, widespread redness, severe reaction to temperature changes, as well as for use after vascular laser procedures and veins.

Treatment of irritated skin or with the help of Aven

Series Cicalfate suitable for all ages – from children to the elderly. Standard cream helps repair the upper layer of the irritated epidermis external aggressive influences. This includes activates the antibacterial substances that help rapid restoration of wet and wash areas. Healing cream has proven effective in zaedy, cuts, surgical wounds, perioral and diaper dermatitis, as well as after dermatological procedures.

Due to the antibacterial components, in its structure, it prevented the adhesion of secondary infection. Drying lotion helps to restore the integrity of skin sites exposed to maceration and cracking. Thanks mikronizirovannogo sucralfate aktiviziruyutsya regeneration, accelerates healing.

Nutrition and recovery of dry skin

Cold cream, soap, gel, face cream, hand balm, body emulsion is created on the basis of a formula that guarantees the restoration of hydrolipidic film. Soap gel, clean, soften and protect the skin. Lip balm with vitamins e and F, which eliminates dryness, flaking and restores damage caused by time or due to medical treatment. Face cream nourishes intensely, helping to eliminate dryness, svyazannoy for age changes or dermatological problems. Emulsion for the body, thanks to the light texture, easily absorbed, of coconut, sesame oil and cártama – it nourishes and softens. Hand cream restores chapped, scaly skin.

Particular care for atopic skin

Trixera series is designed for people who suffer from allergies, dermatitis and other diseases. If there are these problems, sometimes I can’t use traditional cosmetics, because every component can cause an unexpected reaction of the body.

Special series Trixera without parabens and fragrance. Softening the cream helps restore the natural structure and create a barrier to hydrate and relieve itching. The balm is effective in atopic dermatitis and dry skin. The gel and the bath has been designed for daily care, protection against chlorine irritation from tap water.

Furthermore, any cosmetic is specially designed with a range of men and means to protect against harmful UV rays. Each product is thoroughly tested, and the efficacy and safety demonstrated in clinical studies and research labs, which makes Avene products one of the most qualitative in the world.


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