Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Let’s find out what is the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, what are its beneficial properties and if there are any side effects for those who use it.

Bach flowers have, for many years now, been the most popular homeopathic answer to the problems of anxiety, nervousness and psychological distress, together with Australian flowers, very popular in this last period. To cope with the most critical situations, the British doctor Edward Bach realized what is now called Rescue Remedy, or an emergency remedy designed to counteract moments of strong emotional shock.

The Bach flower Rescue Remedy is therefore a mixture of 5 of the 38 Bach flowers present in the doctor’s compendium, and acts as an emotional first aid aimed at acute manifestations of a psychological disorder, but also a physical one. The Rescue Remedy consists of the following Bach flowers:

  • Star of Bethlehem, a flower that fights states of agitation and sudden and unpredictable shock;
  • Rock Rose, a flower that by its nature is used to fight panic and terror;
  • Impatiens, used to restore calm and emotional control;
  • Clematis, used to counteract the feeling of fainting;
  • Cherry Plum, ideal to counteract the feeling of having lost control of the situation.

The Rescue Remedy calms the state of anxiety caused by a university exam, a speech in public, a divorce, a dispute or even a death. It is used to calm that feeling of impotence derived from a bad experience or a life that does not satisfy, and can, in some cases, delay or quell a panic attack that is about to occur. The Rescue Remedy therefore works to calm anxious states and relieve the worry, whether it comes from exceptional facts or the small tasks of life, sometimes capable of putting us in a deep state of agitation.

Rescue Remedy is usually produced in liquid form, but there are many variations in the form of ointment, tablet and candy. For the intake, just follow the instructions on the package: in general the liquid Rescue Remedy must be deposited, 4 drops 4 times a day, directly under the tongue. There the flowers will release their effects gradually but steadily. Experienced connoisseurs of the properties of the Rescue Remedy also derive their benefits from always carrying it in their bag. This, precisely because the idea of ​​having it always at hand makes it somewhat more “tranquil”, ready to face adversity knowing that the product can be taken when the need is felt.

Bach flowers can be a valuable ally in our daily struggle against insomnia. However, for those who need to sleep, Rescue Remedy is not the best blend. To get to sleep more easily, experts recommend Hornbeam, White Chestnut, Impatiens, Walnut, Agrimony and Red Chestnut.

Rescue Remedy: contraindications and side effects

Bach flower remedies are a homeopathic solution for anxiety and stress, and for all those little emotional problems that arise daily in our lives. As a homeopathic cure, the Bach flower and the Rescue Remedy, or its most popular version, are considered by experts as a “first aid” to be used on the spot to combat psychophysical discomfort, but which do not solve the problem.

The only side effect of the Rescue Remedy is precisely to not cure, but to postpone the malaise. Many naturopathic experts therefore recommend a controlled use of Bach flowers, which can create a kind of mental (and non-chemical) dependence in the patient who is in a chronic psychological situation.

In general, if the problem to be treated is severe or often manifests itself, it is essential to consult an experienced psychotherapist who can initiate a course of professional healing, always avoiding DIY remedies. Basically, Rescue Remedy has no known contraindications due to the bland effect of the product.

Rescue Remedy: the word to the doctors

The Rescue Remedy of Bach flowers, like all remedies and homeopathic theories of Dr. Edward Bach, have been repeatedly invalidated by science and research on the subject. Traditional medicine has labeled Bach flowers as a placebo, or a product that does not contain effective active ingredients, but which is marketed as if it had them and can manifest some tangible benefit in those who believe in it.


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