bach flowers for children

Bach flowers are an alternative therapy, now recognized all over the world and can help unblock emotional states even in children, especially those suffering from psychosomatic problems.

Children’s diseases they are often linked to particular blocked psychic states and for this reason the use of Bach flowers can be very useful from the first years of life. The flowers will in fact help the child to unblock the emotional states and find a perfect balance.

Let’s find out which Bach flowers are best suited to the problems and their use.

Bach flowers best suited for childhood problems


The major problems for which Bach flowers can be used in children are:

  • hyperactive children
  • children with learning difficulties
  • hypersensitive children
  • aggressive children

And many other circumstances in which the balance is lost in everyday life. To understand which flowers are best suited to the type of problem, the child will have to be observed and the parent will have to undergo an informational interview with the flower-therapist who will prescribe the mix of flowers suitable for the specific case.

Here are some of the most used remedies for infantile problems:

  • Aspen: for children who are afraid to sleep alone.
  • Centaury: when the children prove themselves hypersensitive, perhaps to a reproach.
  • Cherry Plum: when children have attacks of sudden anger.
  • Clematis: for all children who have difficulty concentrating at school .
  • Impatients: for all hyperactive children who cannot sit on the chair.
  • Larch: when children do not feel comfortable in school.
  • Mimulus : for fearful children in search of maternal protection.
  • Vervain : for hyperactive children who are difficult to contain.
  • Rescue Remedy : an emergency room for all sudden traumas

Before giving any remedy to the child, seek the advice of the pediatrician.


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