Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Every fair sex at least once tried to dye her hair. Successful or did not have this experience, but painting with modern paints gives a well-groomed and natural appearance to the hair. The sector framework is constantly evolving and changing. Almost every season we learn that the master in the beauty salon offer to try something new, especially in the modern hairdresser in a big city like Moscow.

Behind the fashion capital to refresh your hair modern ways are women in big cities on map like Tula, Izhevsk, Rostov, Voronezh, Ufa, Kazan, etc.
Anyone who is even slightly interested in fashion trends heard about such coloring methods, such as highlights Shadows (smell), Cupo Piuma Brondirovanie Tonification Coloration etc. to update the image, it is recommended to try Balaj which is well suited for blondes and brunettes.

Hair style Balaj

Literally «Balaj» means «sweep». In fact, the technique of applying the paint is fully consistent with its value. Using this technique, creating an effect of burned hair. The dyeing process starts at the tips, then apply the color to the roots, and sweep slowly along the entire length of a special brush. Thus one discovers a gradual transition from one color. More advantageously, this technique appears on a shade of blond. Less likely to be seen Balaj dark hair and Balaj on brown hair photo dark shades this type of coloring does not seem so impressive. Striped of brown curls that can often be painted with darker or more light

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

This type of coloring is recommended at least once to make a good master . Next, update the color can be at home. We can safely say that Balazs is one of the sweetest painting methods because it was made without lamina.
This method also has types, which differ in the way the paint is applied. But the goal of each of them to create the effect of natural sunlight . Among the popular brown Ombre. This type of painting gives the opportunity to look like a celebrity, because you can make a beautiful natural color, create an extra volume and relief.

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair [19659002] The classic way, creates <strong> a gradual transition from a dark color to light. </strong> For the equipment used, the only difference is that in three shades </p>
<p> <img class= Lo Shatush – technology to create the natural effect of burned hair. Suitable for curly light, and black. The master splits the hair into thin strands and needs each of them. The paint is applied with strokes of light to create a natural look. It is necessary to consider that the application of the paint on the straight locks varies from application to vicious curl

Dark hair balaj photo for inspiration

Dark of Capelli looks like the Venetian technique of highlighting. At home, it is unlikely that you apply the paint so neatly. This is a gentle way of painting, as it is done without foil. The paint applied with a brush over the entire length or only in some parts of the head. The main thing in this method is a creative approach to creating images on hair.

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Balaj on blond hair – photo

Light of hair looks beautiful one of the Balaia California techniques highlights. The goal is to achieve a transition from the dark roots of a slight extremity. Among the techniques of species known as Degrade Fiamma – uniform color transitions from dark to light

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair [19659018] Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Paint for short hair

The smaller the haircut, the more experienced the master should be. Because in long strands it is not so obvious inaccuracies to apply the paint, either on the short Bob type hairstyles, extended Bob. The same goes for painting in Balazs style coloring with bangs. Front constantly slams in the spotlight, so that any mistake will be immediately apparent.

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Balazs to color at home for hairdressers beginners

Balaj hair style requires a certain ability to treat painting. But accuracy when working with a specialist material should be well thought of tones for a certain hair color. After all, they must be the closest to the original color depending on the color type.

If the painting is done independently, the table we need:

    gloves; comb; hair clips; sponge; paint

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

First, well-combed locks. Wear gloves and start mixing the paint. Detangled hair should be divided into four equal parts and fasten with Bobby’s pins. The ends of each of the wires treated with paint, not to touch other areas. Resist the time, as indicated by the instructions. Wash gently with the tip and treated hair. It’s a way to paint long curls. For short, it is advisable to ask for help.

There are different paint scheme, without leaving the house . If you are fine, make a long, medium-length coat (the length of the shoulder hair.

The procedure includes the following steps:


    • not to keep the applied border clear

I clarifier tips

    • (the roots in any case do not touch); for a good color contrast for dark curls

A 9% oxidizer

    • ends with an oxidizer means

For 15 minutes wrapped in one sheet

Wash the hair and dry

    • (the ends are reddish), because the color is terrible, the ends must be invigorating

Select to paint the light and applied on the tips for 15 minutes

    • ; after shampooing, it is advisable to apply


 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Of course, the effect may not be the same after the salon, but if you can learn it so it is possible to save some money on the salon procedures, which cost many can not afford.

Step-by-step photos for the house Balaj style painting

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos already performed coloring method, as well as a step by step photo for Balaj style home painting. Only a few months ago the online edition of fashion and beauty, rich in striped photos, unthinkable braids and extraordinary nuances. Vividly filled with hairstyles for long hair, where Balaji was of a pink color . The best combination of this color will be White and Cenere tono . Balaj in red will look good on red, blue and black hair

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair

Video lessons of Balaj techniques

If you intend to paint at home, we recommend studying the video of the Balaj channel technique on YouTube in Russian + description.

Whatever it was, and the Balazs technique It is the most delicate coloring method. If the hair cannot boast of Salute and Lucentezza it is an alternative method to put them in order.

 Dyeing techniques Balaj on dark, light and brown hair


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