Beautiful womens scarves

Beautiful scarf – has long been known and indispensable accessory of the female image. The scarf can be wide and narrow, long and short, fur and velvet. Depending on the material variety of this type of accessory even wider.

The scarf has always been in fashion. It’s just that every season, attention is called to one or the other type. In the cold season 2019-2020 leading position occupies a narrow and long scarf and a variety of fur scarves.

That of fur scarves to offer designers in the new season, Militta already said. Today we talk about a long, narrow scarf. This accessory is already necessary today, now. So, this season, every fashionista should have a long, narrow scarf in his wardrobe.

What is so remarkable about it? This scarf can be worn in any weather condition, it will be useful at any time of the year, because you can make it from the thin light fabric that is so necessary in summer or warm in autumn, or from a thick fabric like velvet, wool, cotton. The scarf can be knitted, so it’s a straight road in winter. But in any case, the autumn and winter of 2019-2020 designers recommend a long, narrow scarf.

 Beautiful womens scarves
Erin Fetherston

A long narrow scarf – what to wear?

If the scarf is made of thin fabric, it is suitable for the heat, in autumn or late spring, although there is the possibility of wearing it in the summer. This scarf can be worn with a Maxi length dress or a blouse and pants. Today in the fashion loose cut shirts, light fabric, a bit of down.

The scarf can be combined perfectly with the dress, the color of which is repeated in the print of the scarf. Another option, when the scarf repeats the fabric of the blouse, then, he appears as a last element of blouse style. It is possible to tie the scarf around the neck, released in two pieces and the front or one end in the front, the second pull back.

Silk scarf, you can choose a contrasting color with the dress. Very beautiful silk scarf with velvet clothes.

 Beautiful womens scarves
Erin Fetherston

All together with several print scarf, sometimes changes the way, emphasizing the your style and taste.

 Beautiful womens scarves
Kate Spade New York

A long, narrow scarf is for the evening. For instance, it’s a very good option would be to consider black lace dress with a black velvet scarf. Velvet scarf can decorate not only the evening dress but occasional and regular.

 Beautiful womens scarves
Elie Saab

And finally, the knit scarf, which not only decorate your image, but also warm in winter. In the new season together, and in order to prepare for winter a new fashion accessory, it is not so difficult, because a long scarf knit won’t take much time – it’s quite simple. Knitting scheme – common garter, «rubber» or «spit».

 Beautiful womens scarves
Luisa Beccaria

There are other options in the form of loops, reminiscent of fleece fur . The press shouldn’t be too thinking, feeling free to choose striped. Long knit scarf more suited to the casual way it combines perfectly with a sweater and jeans, with a dress-sweater, cardigan and skinny jeans. Looks great with a long knit crochet scarf knit dress. Skirts can be knitted and light chiffon

 Beautiful womens scarves
Photos from above – Missoni, Les Copains
The photo below – Les Copains

 Beautiful womens scarves A long narrow scarf goes well with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of jeans, a coat or a long coat. In this case, wrap the scarf several times around the neck and do not tighten.

A long and narrow scarf how to wear?

Do not forget that the long narrow scarf is better to wear one or more times wrapped around the neck. But in the new season, designers ensure that wearing a long, narrow scarf should be wrapped around the neck only once and so that its ends almost touch the floor. It is comfortable? Probably not, but the designers to recommend.

There are a couple of suggestions – how to wear a scarf

If you have a long neck and not a double chin, a scarf around your neck to tighten. But if the neck is short, then tightening should not, on the contrary, loosen the knot, it will make the scarf visually more three-dimensional.

If you have a second chin also try to keep the scarf was away from him and created a path in the shape of V or U neck. This will pull the silhouette, visually reduce the double chin and give a slender neck.

Long and narrow, scarves adapts to girls and small and the Breast. Before adding the volume from the second hide. A scarf can fill a nice wide belt and new season belt is quite wide.

 Beautiful womens scarves
Luisa Beccaria, Christian Wijnants, Temperley London

Light summer silk or chiffon scarves will Beautify your outfit in summer and warm days of autumn and spring, and the knit of wool and cotton, yarn, fits into the coolest of the year. Your wardrobe should be different, scarves, because they can create any image, and depending on the outside temperature to give preference to silk or wool scarf. There are fabrics and with the addition of synthetic fibers. No less beautiful and pleasant for the body.


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