5 beauty tips to help mothers save time

Once the baby is around, it’s all about the little kid. Since there is little time for their own needs and the previously familiar beauty routine gives way breastfeeding and changing diapers. If you still feel fresh and fit (or at least want to look like that), we have five practical tricks for you here, such as you do not have to do without your beauty time as a young mother.

1. Dry shampoo & baby powder instead of washing hair

Also for hair washing is not always enough time. If it has to go fast, just grab the dry shampoo. Super trick for mothers: Even with baby powder in your hair you can save the washing. This works just as well as dry shampoo and makes the hair look fresh again.

Baby powder (feet, armpits, after shaving, under bra)

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2. Chamomile tea against dark circles

Dark circles are definitely not unknown to any young mother. Instead of trying to time away the dark things, just try chamomile tea bags. Put the cooled bags on the eyes and you will look fresher and fitter.

3. Tinted Day Cream or BB / CC Cream saves time when applying make-up

If you do not want to go out of the house despite your lack of time, the best thing to do is to use a tinted day cream,  ideally natural cosmetics such as Weleda, so as not to overstrain your skin. So you have skincare and make-up look in one – and maintained the already stressed by hormones skin after pregnancy on top of that. In general, it is good to do without too much make-up after pregnancy, so your skin can recover better.

4. Fast hairstyles

With fast and at the same time practical hairstyles you save a lot of time. Simply tie the hair loose to a Messy Bun or Low Bun. So you do not just look great, but you can also hide unwashed hair and the long hair is also out of the way and safe from small baby hands.

5. Color eyebrows and eyelashes

Coloring your eyebrows and eyelashes will save time, which you can use instead for your little darling. So you do not have to worry about your make-up and you do not have to spend unnecessarily stressed time in the bathroom.


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