Bee poison

The positive effects of this natural product have been known since ancient times. Here is a brief guide to learn more about bee venom

Bee poison offers various benefits to the body, both in terms of health and a purely aesthetic level. What are its features?

Before listing the multiple qualities of bee venom, it should be noted that extracting this precious component does not harm the insect in any way. The procedure works using a device that releases small electric shocks. Once inserted in the hive, the bees are then induced to sting to defend themselves, releasing the poison. Their sting, however, remains well anchored and the extraction does not cause their death.

Bee poison properties

The positive effects of this natural product have been known since ancient times. Especially with regard to skin care, joint pain and more. The substances that make up the bee venom are many and in different quantities. Among the largest is Melittina, an anti-inflammatory, which lowers blood pressure as well as making tissues and other important functions permeable. Then there are the Apamina, which stimulates the nervous system, the Peptide 401, the histamine and others.

The areas in which apitoxin, another name for bee venom, is particularly useful in the fields: rheumatology, neurology, cardiovascular and dermatology, just to name a few. Ointments and ointments based on bee venom are used to soothe the pain of arthritis, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis but also a more trivial back pain or muscle tear.

Already in ancient times it was used to treat wounds and reduce scars and it is also useful in the case of acne, given that in addition to a powerful anti-inflammatory action, it is able to create a surface barrier and help the skin to regenerate itself. Therefore, combined with essential oils and other elements, the bee venom is used in the aesthetic field to combat imperfections and wrinkles.

Anti age and anti-cellulite

The effect is said to be similar to that of botox but decidedly less drastic. The filler action fills wrinkles, counteracting the aging of the skin. The bee venom allows a greater production of collagen and elastin allowing a firming of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid and multivitamin complexes based on vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E and C, enrich many of the creams in which this very precious substance is used.

The shea butter, very moisturizing and soothing, very used in the beauty area, also works associated with bee poison. Royal jelly, aloe and various types of oil are also combined and combined to achieve a light texture and a lifting-proof result. Some types of face creams also offer sunscreen. There are therefore several products on the market and prices vary from less than 20 euros/dollars to over 40 euros/dollars.

For the body? A good anti-cellulite product must firm, tone and reduce the odious orange peel effect. Effectiveness is often guaranteed by the regularity of use and a good massage, which helps to make the promised action of the product as effective as possible. The bee venom plays a central role also in this case because it stimulates the blood circulation and the drainage of the liquids even more. It works together with other components, such as caffeine, for an average price of 30-40 euros/dollars.


However, there are allergies to consider. For any type of specific item that you want or need to use, you must take an allergy test as a precaution, in general. All the more, in this case, if you are already a subject with problems of allergies to insect bites. The reactions to bee venom could be a simple redness, a more important hives or even more serious and urgent.


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