Are you a person who struggles to manage emotions enough to make relationships roll? The risk of being too sensitive in love is to bring out the worst side of you! But how can you tell if you get too carried away by sensations with the risk of not enjoying the good moments?

Being emotional is not a defect, but when one is hypersensitive in life, the risk is that of not enjoying things anymore.

Even in relationships, being overwhelmed by upsets can lead to follies of which one could regret.

Moreover, those who are too emotional in love tend to mix positive and negative emotions, becoming caught up with unjustified anxieties and fears that can send everything to pieces.

To understand if you belong to this category of women here are 6 signs to watch out for.

All that is in your head is outside

The difference between adulthood and adolescence is precisely this: being able to control what one feels.
If on the contrary, you are not able to filter your feelings, you cannot count to 10 before saying or doing something and you need continuous confirmations, most likely you are too emotional a person in love.

Ask for certainties over and over again

At the slightest doubt do you have emotional outbursts and explode without knowing how to hold back? Do you suffocate the partner with questions and need to be reassured all the time?
You should try to be a little quieter because the risk otherwise is to make him run away.

You can’t be rational

Unfortunately, insecurity plays tricks and leads us to be less rational.
If you are overly attentive to changes in tone, analyze each word that tells you or writes to you the other and continually make negative thoughts about your story, it is because perhaps you are too emotional in love and you make your irrational side prevail.
Learn to be more positive and above all reflect before behaving like a river in flood.

You get angry with yourself all the time

Being sensitive also has its positive sides because you can experience the most beautiful moments of life more intensely.
So if you are very emotional you don’t have to take it out on yourself or change it sharply but you should simply be able to manage your impulsiveness by loving yourself more and believing more in yourself.

You have no half measures

One day do you think he is the best man on earth and the next day the evil monster ready to hurt you? If you are too emotional in love you cannot see that it is not all white or all black.
You should learn that half measures exist and above all remember that at the beginning of a story, especially, you should be able to get to know each other calmly.

You are always apprehensive

Remember that anxiety and fear, although they are useful emotions in life, in a relationship do not make history live in a serene way.
Why do you constantly have to think that this love will end or that the person you met will hurt you?
Have more courage to face things with more lightness and fatality; if the situations are destined to end, they end anyway, indeed if you are too emotional in love you will end it yourself.


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