Benefits of aloe vera or aloe vera; hands of women of different colors and ages

For every condition a special plant grows, said the alchemist, doctor and astrologer Paracelsus. What I did not know is that a single plant was going to be enough to end dry skin, acne, irritation, premature aging, to heal burns, beautify hair, give a refreshing sensation and even to improve digestion: Aloe Vera!

We all know this plant because it could not be missing in any pot at our grandmother’s house, and even our mother used it to treat us burns when returning on vacation. But do you know all the benefits that it brings to your skin?

It is normal and inevitable that the passage of time changes our skin, but taking care of it we can minimize the ravages of age to see ourselves young and radiant for more years. These are the 7 benefits that aloe has for you. You can’t miss your care routine!

1. Normal and dry skin are the most favored

 Benefits of aloe vera or aloe vera; hands of women of different colors and ages

First things first: before using any product you must be sure that it is ideal for your needs and your characteristics. Aloe is especially recommended for normal and dry skin; the former helps them maintain their vitality and avoid imperfections, while the latter will restore brightness and softness.

2. Moisturizes even the most dry skin

It belongs to the succulent family, this means that it contains a lot of water and, therefore, is superhumidifying. The best? It doesn’t leave that greasy feeling we hate!

3. It has a refreshing effect

 Girl with brown, straight and long hair smiling in the field

Sometimes our skin is healthy and shiny, but we still want to pamper her because she deserves it. Aloe generates a sensation of pleasant freshness that will instantly relax your body. It will be like giving your body a daily spa treatment.

4. Minimizes scars and spots from sun exposure

 Benefits of aloe vera or aloe; woman at sea, sunbathing on the pier under a palm tree

If you forgot to use sunscreen and filled yourself with spots, aloe will help you reverse the damage, but its effect goes beyond : collagen is essential to eliminate scars because it reduces its size, softens the area and deflates the tissue.

On the other hand, its antioxidants and elastin will promote a younger and healthier appearance so you can say “goodbye!” at wrinkles.

5. Reduces stretch marks

 Benefits of aloe vera or aloe; pregnant girl

Deep wetting, regenerative capacity and stimulation of collagen production (again this miraculous component!) make it the perfect ingredient to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and blur those that we already have

6. Auxiliary in burns, irritation and acne

 Benefits of aloe vera or aloe; woman putting her feet and legs in the sea

We love her anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Not only is it a beauty cream, you could say that it is an indispensable element in our medicine cabinet. It relieves minor burns, insect bites, scratches and post-hair removal irritation.

Similarly, being a powerful antibacterial and exfoliating agent, it eliminates dead cells and penetrates deep into the complexion, opens pores, removes dirt and prevents formation of granites.

7. It gives you soft feet

 Benefits of aloe vera or aloe; pretty feet of woman with pedicure

Let’s accept it, the feet are the part of the body that we neglect the most and the one that gives us the most headache as far as dryness is concerned. If you want to fight calluses and even fungi! Aloe will be your biggest ally.

How to include aloe vera in your beauty routine?

 Nivea Aloe refreshing serum

To avoid the work of growing your own plant you can use products specials like NIVEA Aloe Refreshing body cream that, in addition to being made with aloe vera, contains deep hydration serum to retain water in your skin and provide you with moisturization for up to 48 hours!

This product will become indispensable as it has a Nice smell, light texture that will give you a silky and soft feeling, it is quickly absorbed and will take care of your skin intensively. Thus, your daily activities will not be interrupted by undesirable dryness and you will stay moisturized from head to toe.


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