Best blush

Your best ally to give your face three-dimensionality and enhance the complexion, here’s how to apply the blush and choose the right color for you

The blush has been a trusted friend of our vanity since ancient times. From the ancient Egyptians to today, this cosmetic is a regular guest in the cosmetic bag of us all. Let’s see how to use it to the fullest.

Blush: A gesture with which to give three-dimensionality to our face

Blush is the cosmetic with which we give each of our looks a healthy and luminous finish. We just need to put the brush on the face and that touch of color illuminates us, making us visibly fresher and more rested. Of blush or blush, if you prefer (the two words are synonymous; English, the first, Italian of French origin, the second) can not do without it. Although it is a habit now taken for granted, applying the blush requires some attention not to be missed.

Here are our tips:

  • use a brush to avoid a spotted result. There are specific ones, even with a facilitating angle shape;
  • apply a little product at a time, checking the result under different lights (natural and artificial). This will avoid too heavy or, on the contrary, non-existent effect;
  • respect the shape of your face;
  • thinking about how to put the blush, you have to consider it the intermediate step between base and illuminating.

The latter is the final touch, which enhances all the previous steps.

Blush and face types: here’s how to apply it

When you put make-up on, the difference lies in the care we devote to the application phase. The blush spreads over the compact foundation and should be spread well with the brush to blend the effect. Who has a round face, must prefer the application under the knobs of the cheeks, just below. For elongated faces, the correction consists in spreading the product in width, covering all the cheekbones. How to put blush on square faces instead? Concentrating the product right in the middle of the cheeks, so as to create a round volume that contrasts that of the face.

To every skin its blush

When looking for the best blushes, we must first ask ourselves what our skin type is. Now the companies have gone out of their way to produce many types of products. There are powder, cream, gel and stick formulas. Powdered products ensure a matte effect, precious for those who tend to have a shiny oily skin. Cosmetics in cream, on the other hand, can be useful for dry skin that needs a hint of extra brightness.

Best Bluh: which colors to choose?

Since blush is a must-have cosmetic product, the choice cannot be made at random. To change, in fact, it is not only the formulas, but also the colors. There are pink, cherry, burgundy, etc. Mediterranean girls, in general, must move towards warm undertones such as those of coral, orange and apricot. Very clear ones, for skin and hair, it is better that they prefer cold colors like pink and some varieties of brick.


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