Guide to Discovering the Best Face Serums to Use: What They Are and Why Choose Them

Mirror mirror of my desires, how can I be the most beautiful in the realm? The answer is simple and is contained in one word: facial serum. When we hear about the best facial serums, or more generally facial serums, we know exactly what it is? Moisturizers are usually the best in the daily beauty routine. Facial serums are often not considered because it can happen that you don’t know exactly what you are talking about.

The belief that facial serums are products dedicated to more mature skins, anti-age cosmetics that counteract the signs of skin aging is rather frequent. But that’s not really the case, because there are all kinds of facial serums, suitable for every problem or type of skin, which help solve many skin problems, from hydration to the right nutrition.
Let’s try to understand more about face serums and find out which are some of the best to consider.

What is a Face Serum?

We are always well prepared for the use of new products, especially if they can give us various benefits. And, of course, face serums are for us. But what exactly is a facial serum? Nothing but a real beauty elixir, a product that concentrates different active ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin.

The facial serum, in fact, unlike moisturizing creams, is easily absorbed due to its fluid and not oily consistency. The best facial serums spread quickly and are absorbed just as quickly thanks to their light consistency. There is no need to carry out the classic massages as with moisturizing creams, because a quick spread is enough for the serum to be absorbed.

Because of its consistency and ease of absorption, it is advisable to choose the right one for our skin. Moisturizing, lifting or anti-imperfections, the facial serum is still a specific treatment, which should be used to improve the skin condition. And for this reason it must be chosen on the basis of one’s own needs. Hyaluronic acid, for example, is one of the most common substances found in facial serums. It is no coincidence that hyaluronic acid helps fill small wrinkles, eliminates signs of tiredness and gives the skin a luminous appearance.

How to Choose the Best Face Serum for Your Skin

The basic requirement for the choice of facial serum is the knowledge of one’s skin. There are four main types of facial serum on the market: anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, purifying (anti-imperfections) and moisturizing.

Moisturizing Face Serum

Moisturizing facial serums help to deeply moisturize the skin and act faster than creams. Or rather, the facial serum contributes to a more effective moisturizing action, especially when combined with other products such as specific creams.

Wrinkle Face Serum

Ideal for more mature skin, but also for those who want to preserve the cutaneous state from the first wrinkles. A good lifting face serum can be used from 30 years upwards, when the signs of age we begin to see them appear with small wrinkles of expression. One of the best anti-wrinkle facial serums can help keep the contours of the face firm and “pulled”.

Anti-stain Face Serums

From freckles to small skin imperfections, an excellent stain-resistant serum may be what we need. Vitamin C and pure hyaluronic acid are the two active ingredients that make a serum anti-stain perfect for the problem of spots on the skin. A stain-resistant facial serum makes the skin uniform, luminous and compact. In short, a true elixir of beauty.

Purifying and Anti-imperfection Face Serums

It is a type of facial serum that can be used both by girls and by mature skin. It is a product that promotes uniformity of the skin, smoothing the skin, reducing imperfections and enlarged pores.

When and How to Use Face Serum

The facial serum is often complementary to the moisturizer. It should be applied after having perfectly cleaned the face and after the application of the tonic. There is no need to massage it on the face, it will simply be necessary to spread it both on the face and on the neck and décolleté. To be applied morning and evening, depending on the skin but above all on the weather conditions. With the first colds, for example, it will be necessary to apply the serum face morning and evening; in summer, instead, it will be enough to use it only in the evening, in particular if you have a mixed or oily skin. It is usually advisable to have the facial serum followed by an excellent moisturizer.

Face Serum Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The Kiehl’s brand never disappoints, even when it comes to the best facial serums. Midnight Recovery Concentrate is composed of a mixture of essential oils of natural origin such as rosemary oil, evening primrose rose, geranium and lavender oil. A mix of oils that do not oil the skin and are quickly absorbed. Among the main ingredients of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate there is certainly squalane, a very moisturizing vegetable oil, which helps to keep the skin sebum in balance. This facial serum acts during the night, causing the skin to be regenerated in just 28 days.

Face Serums Les Précis by Carita

Carita Paris has formulated facial serums that are true beauty elixirs: innovative beauty à porter products, to keep always in your bag, to give your face new light and freshness. Les Précis by Carita Paris, the new treatment that focuses on the state of the skin, constantly changing according to the climatic variations, the seasons or the hours of the day.

Les Précis by Carita are four facial serums used as targeted and effective beauty solutions, concentrated in small bottles to keep in your bag. Choose the one that’s right for you …

Caudalie Anti-stain Face Serum Vinoperfect

Caudalie Vinoperfect Anti-stain Face Serum contributes not only to eliminate spots on the face but also prevents its appearance. It is effective on skin uniformity and radiance. Viniferina, pure natural principle extracted from the sap of vines, is one of the best molecules for an incisive action on the brightness of the complexion.

The Caudalie Vinoperfect anti-stain serum, in addition to reducing existing stains, protects the skin from oxidative stress, compacts the skin, favors microcirculation and prevents the appearance of so-called dark spots.

Somatoline Lift Effect Anti-Wrinkle Face Serum

Face Serum Anti-Wrinkle Somatoline Lift Effect is one of the best facial serums for our skin, as it stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, in addition to promoting the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Somatoline Lift Effect is a powerful anti-wrinkle product because it contains the Micro-Circulation + -complex ™, a mix of active ingredients that smooth and fill wrinkles. The skin is smoother, toned and uniform.


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