Beyoncé creates cosmetics collection

The awaited premiere of the movie live action version of The Lion King is only a few days away and that means one thing: the king of the jungle fever is about to start or maybe it has already started.

A couple of days ago, Sir John, the make-up artist behind Beyoncé’s looks, announced that he would launch a special make-up on the market inspired by the Disney movie. John partnered with beauty company Luminess Cosmetics to create from shadows, blush lipsticks and even illuminators for his new line of makeup called Sir King’s Lion King, based on the places and characters of the film. They are perfect and you will love them all!

The whole line is lovely!

The collection is inspired by the colors and textures of Africa because its main tones are earth and neutral. It includes a palette of shades that has 12 colors pigmented in matt tone with bright finishes, ranging from green, blue and purple, which will enhance your look.

The illuminator is indispensable … and they have one

The highlighter is called Circle of Life and its case is beautiful, as it shows the most representative scene of the film, in which you can see how Simba sees his entire kingdom while the moon illuminates it.

There are four shades of lipstick

Be Brace is a dark brown color; Lion Mane is fire red; It also has two lipgloss called Romantic Atmosphere and Problems.

Beyoncé was the first to try them

The singer used the collection to attend the annual Wearable Art gala, organized by her mother. Queen B put on a combination of brown eyeshadows with golden touches, nude lips and a little illuminator on her cheeks, which gave her a natural makeup.


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