When we decide to lose weight, one of the main fears that can overwhelm us is to have a breast release, fortunately we have seven proven solutions to not risk

 breast size

Indeed, a carved silhouette would go very well with a beautiful breast. However, women who start a weight loss diet often see their breasts drop at the same time as the extra pounds. But don’t worry: you don’t have to choose between losing weight and keeping your breast firm. According to the women’s magazine Marie Claire there are simple ways to tone it up during the diet.

As David Schafer a plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery, reveals the shape of the breast varies based on weight fluctuations. Therefore, when a woman takes or loses weight, the breast loses elasticity. Furthermore, the doctor states that rapid weight loss stops collagen production in breast tissue. Hence the fact that after a restrictive diet, the breast can undergo a rapid sagging skin leaving stretch marks.

How to keep the breast firm after weight loss?

Fortunately, the weight loss does not always lead to relaxation and loosening of the chest. By taking the right actions every day, every woman is able to lose weight while keeping her breasts round and firm.

Here are 7 ways to preserve breast shape after dieting

1. Exercise with weights to strengthen the pectorals

To tone the breast and lift it, what could be better than practicing weight training for this area. Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding does not reduce the size of the chest but, on the contrary, helps keep fit. This part of the body is composed of the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor, muscles that deserve to function properly. You can opt for a horizontal bench in the gym or use the dumbbells to reinforce this area. If you prefer you can do the exercises at home.

2. Practice a massage with vegetable oils

Often, when we lose weight, we see these famous stretch marks appear on our body and especially on our chest. These scars usually accompany a relaxation of the chest following a diet. To combat these unwanted consequences, you can offer breast firming massages based on vegetable oils rich in antioxidants such as olive oil or sweet almond oil.

3. Take a cold water shower

The cold shower has many benefits for the whole body. In fact, it is ideal for waking up as it stimulates the body’s blood circulation. Moreover, it seems that the cold favors the contraction of the skin that tightens naturally. It is therefore an excellent way to avoid sagging skin that occurs after a diet or age. So what are you waiting for to adopt the Scottish shower trend? Discover 7 fantastic benefits of the cold shower for health

4. Sleeping on the back

Some people are used to sleeping on their stomachs by crushing their breasts. However, this way of sleeping promotes relaxation of the chest and alters its initial shape. In fact, the doctor Todd Malan plastic surgeon, indicates that sleeping on the stomach or on the side puts pressure on the breast and promotes relaxation, so the best way is to sleep on the back.

5. Avoid exposing the chest to the sun

If you want to preserve a solid chest, give up the idea of ​​a topless tan during the summer. The sun is known to accelerate skin aging by reducing collagen in the skin. Furthermore, the chest is an extremely sensitive part of the body and deserves to be protected from the sun. So, if you’re a fan of necklines when temperatures are rising, remember to apply sunscreen on your chest.

6. Choose a bra of your size

Depending on your body changes, you need to choose a bra that’s right for you. Therefore, if you lose weight and continue to wear the same lingerie, your chest will not be supported as it should. Also, if you wear a bra that is too tight to highlight your chest, it could harm you.

7. Maintain good posture

Good posture also helps maintain a beautiful breast. It is advisable not to stay with your back bent but to always keep your back straight. Some sports like yoga help improve posture and firm up the breast, as suggested by Carole Marquand, a yoga teacher.


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