Which foods enrich milk in the mother’s breast and which ones are to be avoided at that time? Here are some tips.

A correct diet and balanced in the period of pregnancy is fundamental, as is the diet to enrich in milk in breastfeeding. A greater nourishment is needed from the mother. But also the milk to give to the child must have all the correct nutritional components .

In this case the normally recommended diet for women does not change much compared to that followed in pregnancy. But you have to take into account the increased energy demand of the mother. To produce milk in a day, in fact, the mother can also consume 800 kilocalories, to be replenished adequately.
breastfeeding diet so what do you expect? Simple sugars must be avoided, because they provide only a greater number of calories without bringing benefits for milk production.

On the contrary, complex carbohydrates such as pasta, cereals and bread are useful. consumed quietly. Nursing mothers must also increase the proteins needed to increase the quantity of milk produced. Therefore it is very important to guarantee a constant consumption of olive oil . Guarantees the presence of essential fatty acids to increase the lipid component of milk. This is why the fish rich in Omega-3, of which we have often spoken, are also very useful.

Diet of breastfeeding, how to behave at the table

 vegetables anti-cellulite

Similarly in diet for breastfeeding must increase the amount of micronutrients . In particular vitamins and mineral salts, adding even more fruit and vegetables to the diet, especially when fresh and in season. All foods to be eaten raw or cooked simply without losing nutritional properties .

Particular attention must be paid to the intake of calcium and vitamin D that must be increased. As well as satisfying the water requirement, the consumption of non-carbonated and low-sodium natural waters should be increased.

Several medical researches have also established a certain fact. Some food products are able to modify not so much the nutritional power as the taste of the milk and it would be better to avoid them. We speak for example of meat as sausages and game and fish such as mussels, anchovies, crab meat and molluscs. But also vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, artichokes, as well as onion and garlic. And again cheeses like gorgonzola and pecorino, dried fruit, chilli and alcoholic beverages.


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