Do you have short hair and are you getting married? There are a few hairstyles that could be for you

Who knows how many times your hairdresser but also your mother and your friends will have told you that if you are about to get married it is good to grow your hair. Not so much to say, it is a real advice that many women have followed and still follow today. The reason is quite obvious: it is the only way to create a beautiful elaborate hairstyle that is expected of a wonderful bride.

But is it still really that way? Fortunately for those who have a very short hairstyle, this is not worth more, or better, if you don’t want anything exaggerated with curls, maxi chignon or very long braids, then you have nothing to worry about. There are so many ways to make a head with short hair amazing, even if you have almost shaved it, even if in the latter case we are not talking about hairstyle but rather hair accessories, because it is the only real way to decorate them.

Apart from the extremisms, when we talk about hairstyles for short hair, we turn especially to those who have a helmet under the ear or a little further down or even a look with a very masculine tuft. What to do in these cases?

1920s hairdo

Among the bridal hairstyles with short hair, a real must is that which evokes the style of the 20s. In this case, waves are needed to frame the face. To make it even more delicious it is good to add elastic bands to put around the head or a headband with the feather.

Hair pulled back

Precisely because the hair is short, you could use a bright and eye-catching headband, to choose in line with the mood of your dress, and pull the hair back, freeing the forehead while the back can be intentionally more swollen, to give volume and lightness to the whole face.

Wedding headpiece

Another delicious bridal hairstyle with short hair, or rather with a bob is to leave the hair loose to the natural and make sweet waves, wider or narrower, depending on how you feel better, and always add a glamorous accessory or much more simply, the wedding veil.


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