tips of bridal makeup

The day of your wedding is one of the most special days, and of those that you will keep a better memory, for that reason, you must look as perfect as possible, taking into account from the headdress, to the makeup, going through the shoes . We will give you below, some tips to get the best results.

Care of the day before the wedding

The day before your wedding you will be very nervous and surely you will not be able to prepare your skin for this important day, so it is advisable that you prepare it the day before (or even two days before). The most appropriate way to prepare your skin is to moisturize and nourish it in the right way.

We are not going to recommend that you use commercial creams, we will help you clean and hydrate your skin at home without problems. Remember before going to sleep, go to bed without any makeup and put some cream, so that after the masks, the cream acts on the face.

Avocado moisturizer

Half avocado, olive oil, lemon. Mix everything and put on your face at least two hours. We recommend that you wear the mask and not go out into the street during the day, since the lemon in contact with the sun can create small spots.

Aspirin spray and water

Aspirin is perfect for everything, and this shows on the skin. What we recommend is that you put a crushed aspirin in a little water and spray it on your face. It is vitamin for the skin, activating it right away.

The most suitable makeup for a girlfriend

When we are going to choose a makeup for the day of our wedding, what we should keep in mind is that it should be light and that it should give a youthful look to our face.

One of the best makeup for brides that exists from our point of view, is the look “not make-up” that gives a perfect and fresh touch to the face of the bride. The best way to finish this look is with a good outline that lengthens our eye and thus be able to give much more depth to the look.

On the lips, if your skin is very white, we recommend a soft pink, if on the contrary, your skin is very dark, we recommend you use a beige. If you are a bride over 50 years old, or you are looking for a makeup for your silver or gold wedding, then the lipstick you should use is a shade higher than your lips.

How to make up the day of the wedding

To begin, you have to clean your face thoroughly, in case there are impurities or remnants of makeup from the previous day. To clean, use a cleansing cream that you have previously used, to avoid allergy issues or other unexpected problems.

The next step to make up a bride, is to exfoliate the area, and apply a moisturizer to make the skin look resplendent. Once you have applied the cream, you have to let the cream act for half an hour, so that later it will better admit the makeup.

When beginning to make up a bride, the first thing is to cover the imperfections like grains or dark circles. It is important when choosing makeup, that it is appropriate to the skin tone of the bride, and that it is similar to the one used normally. Now it is time to apply eye shadows, this will be chosen depending on the color of the eyes and the size of the eyes, since the tones used can make the eyes look bigger or smaller.

Once you have applied the shadow, it is the moment of the mascara and the lipstick. The most important thing is that the bride feels comfortable with the colors she wears, and she feels as natural as possible.

Suitable colors to paint the lips

There is no suitable color to paint the lips during a wedding, since you can not define how each color will be for each girl.

If you want to hit, you have the skin color you have, then you should opt for light colors, but if you want something much more “professional”, then you should choose colors like pink and burgundy if you have light skin or beige if you have the skin a little dark. If your skin is dark, then you can put the color you want, the bright colors being the most flattering for this type of skin.

Never use colors with gloss or very bright blushes (such as cream blushes) because the flash can make you shine that you will not like anything in the photos.

The outline of lips

Remember that you should outline your lips in a color very similar to your real tone. Many girls delineate the lips of a color very similar to their labial, thinking that this is achieved that the outline lasts much longer, but the reality is that the lipstick is the same and what is left is the lipstick.

Errors in bridal makeup

When it comes to makeup for a wedding, the most important thing is to take into account the photos. When we put on make-up for this type of event, the only thing we are looking for is that we go out in the pictures as we see ourselves in the mirror, but this is a bit difficult, especially when the light we put on at home is very different from what we have on the street.

One of the main mistakes when it comes to makeup, are the shadows. By natural rule, we contour our faces before leaving home, but many times we do not do it the right way, so when the sun or a very bright light hits us, in the end we have a face full of spots.

Another terrible failure when it comes to a bridal makeup is the fat face. Surely, many brides want to have their face hydrated at all times during the day of their wedding, therefore they choose a grease makeup so that the face is “wet” all day or it looks bright. For the photos, this is a serious mistake, since it seems that the face is totally fat.

For the lips, it is best to use nude colors and never use nacre shades. The reason is that the flash is very bad friend of this type of makeup and put shines where there are no or flashes where we do not want to see them.


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