Common Anxiety Disorder

Common anxiety disorder is curable disease.

The first thing necessary is to consult a psychiatrist. During the first application, some tests will be held beside a psychiatric evaluation to understand if the symptoms are caused by a physical disease.

Most of the patients benefit from a treatment. Treatments may be in form of psychotherapy or medicament. It was seen that using the methods separately or at the same time might be useful. It’s your psychiatrist’s job to decide which one is right for you.

In medicine treatment of Common Anxiety Disorder, antidepressants and anxiolytic medicines are used. These medicines are used in treating depression and other anxiety disorders which are known to be effective in CAD. The aim of treatment is to cure anxiety and stress as quickly as possible. Medicaments used in the treatment have no serious side-effects and are non-addictive.

The effects of medicines won’t show up before few weeks. One should not stop using medicines until the symptoms are completely removed. Treatment should continue at least for one more year after the healing is done.


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