15 Cat designs to decorate your nails in less than one purr

If you are a cat lover, sure you have a wardrobe with blouses, dresses, stockings, socks and even underwear decorated with the silhouette of a cat. But what better than having the possibility of taking your love for the cats one level higher by decorating your nails with their silhouettes, tracks or faces.

Forget the classic manicures!

Because nobody shines more than you …

Sirenacat comes into action!

Duchess is the most chic Disney cat

Small details make the difference

This is the best combination in the world!

A touch of freshness to your manicure

Nobody will resist to look at your hands

Purffect for a casual date

Small works of art in each nail

Strokes, big stories

A colorful party!

3D effects for a realistic finish

Lavender for tranquility

Decorate them as you want!


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