Deodorants with aluminum, dangerous only in some days

Deodorants with aluminum hydrochloride, dangerous only in a few days

Deodorants with aluminum hydrochloride seem to have been classified as silent killers, but they seem to be dangerous only...

Light and super fresh summer perfumes: the Top 5

What are light and super fresh summer perfumes? In this article we have collected the Top 5 of the latest trends for this summer
Perfumes 2019

Perfumes and fragrances 2019

Love and seduction are the protagonists of this summer 2019, discover with PG Magazine the most hot and sexy fragrances for an unforgettable summer
Niche perfume

Niche Perfume: why and how to choose them

Perfumery is an ancient art and niche perfumes are the ultimate expression. Let's find out what they are and where to find them
Alum stone

The alum stone, the natural deodorant that many women are opting for

Zero waste products are those that avoid polluting the environment by not producing waste, and many of them are healthy and do not represent a...

Spagiria: a valid remedy for acting on mind and body

Spagyric products: for which diseases are they indicated? Spagiria was one of the most widely used healing methods in the past: discover...

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