how to cope with early outings

According to a recent study, children born to older parents would have far fewer behavioral problems than those born to younger parents.

A Dutch study has highlighted com and children born to more mature parents, present far fewer behavior problems such as aggression. In a world in which the first pregnancy is now at an advanced age, the researchers decided to highlight all the problems that may arise in the child born to more mature parents.

The children were observed to examine the presence of problems such as aggression, anxiety and depression. The results of the study were really unpaired.

Children of older parents have fewer behavioral problems

 how to cope with early outings

Dutch scholars of Utrecht University ‘of’ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ‘of Erasmus Medical Center’ and ‘ University Medical Center ‘ of Groningen, in light of maternity and paternity lived at a decidedly more advanced age than in the past, they decided to test the children of mature parents to find out what behavioral problems they might encounter, especially aggression, depression and anxiety.

The group of children observed was 32892 and the the age of the young was between 10 and 12 years. After the observation, it was highlighted that children born to more mature parents, exhibit fewer behavioral problems than those brought into the world by young parents.

The study was published in the journal ‘ Child Development ‘and represents a real revolution in the midst of so many clichés that see parents becoming mature, something negative.


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