Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder

Every year bracelets on the shoulder become more and more popular. But they are long, and in the hands of men. The Greeks, Indonesians, Romans, Indians and many African nations wore them. The decoration progressively extends to different corners of the planet, not only emphasizing the courage and value of men, but beautiful women. Women in Europe appreciated the elegance of the bracelets on her shoulder.

Currently, in many countries, for example, in Indonesia, on the island of Java, Bali, Sudan, Sri Lanka, national customs, women and men is unthinkable without the bracelets on his shoulder. Indian women can take your dress is incomplete if there is plenty of decorations. Decorations should be everywhere on hands, feet, ears, nose, lips, eyebrows, of course, on the neck and abdomen. Calling and sparkling necklaces, bracelets, rings should be very, very …

 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder

In Europe, bracelets on the shoulder are mostly women. Although these decorations more than ten thousand years, and the question remains, these bracelets can be a rather rare accessory for sale, you can simply take the volume of his shoulder. But perhaps there is a plus for a spectacular look and unique bracelet in a copyrighted work

These ornaments are often used in wedding ceremonies and secular parties. They are made of metals like gold, silver and steel, can be platinum, and copper bracelets. Everything depends on your dress and the place of the celebration.

To fit the bracelet for the shoulder?

Very attractive bracelet for decoration, but because your hands must be perfect, with the brim your skin smooth and even your tan . Age doesn’t matter. More importantly, the beauty of the hands and bracelet with the style of the dress and your inner world. Consider only one thing, the largest, the hand, the most massive must be the bracelet.

Visible decoration shoulder bracelet. And the fashionista would like to show everything. So, this bracelet is best to wear with the sleeveless or short-sleeved dress, especially in summer, when the hands are bare. Shoulder bracelets are made in a different style.

Bracelet can be worn not only with cocktails and sleeveless evening dresses. Look great for these bracelets on the beach with the summer sundress, Sari or a swimsuit. This bracelet, as has been said, is a beautiful accessory Bride.

 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder

How to choose a bracelet?

Gold and a bracelet on the arm has a rigid structure that allows the decoration to be well kept at hand, does not move. This ornament is easier to find a place on the arm, so as not to slide down. But at the same time he must not shake the bracelet hand. It may seem ugly and uncomfortable for the hand.

Wedding dresses is better to choose sweet and delicate jewels, precious stones, pearls, crystals. They can be in the form of a ring or spiral, with flowers or with pendants. Beautiful bracelets with delicate compensation. Luxurious appearance bracelets with Swarovski crystals

What bracelets to choose, for everyday wear? The choice of material, in this case is unlimited, fits bracelets in leather, plastic, wood, beads. Fantasy of the designer, there is no limit. There may be an abstraction, and geometric shapes, floral fantasy, and, of course, one of the favorite designer themes – snake. The most favorite reason bracelets of any material of nature.

Always remain relevant ethnic motifs, which can be decorated with mother of pearl, colored glass, semi-precious stones, turquoise, coral, pearls. Greek shoulder bracelets are classic

 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder

Where to buy bracelets on the shoulder?

Best of all, this bracelet to order. Jewelry designer is one of the best, and in one case. In online stores selling Indian jewelry, you can also find interesting specimens.

Exclusive work costs more and more mass. The true value of jewels made in a single copy, expressed not only in the rarity of the materials, but the virtuosity of the artist’s abilities. If ordering a custom design, make sure it reflects your desires and beliefs.

Well-known fashion designers have long appreciated this type of jewelry is, therefore, in fashion shows it is increasingly common to see models with cuffs in shoulder.

 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder
 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder
 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder
 Choose beautiful bracelets shoulder


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