Warm and fashionable: choose perfect shoes for cold weather

We know that an infallible remedy for the winter Blues – and it’s not about vitamins and morning exercise, and good old shopping. Nothing better than a new pair of shoes does not heal a soul woman with anguish. But how to choose a couple that not only warm, cold autumn and winter days, but also to delight their appearance? Consult the main trends that are worth paying attention to.

Rough military style boots

 Warm and fashionable: choose perfect shoes for cold weather

Even dedicated pacifists may not admit shoes in style military is an ideal choice for rainy and cold winter fall. Rough boots on a tractor alone on all fashion fronts. Following the precepts of designers and stylists, their combination is necessary not only and not so much with jeans, and parks, many with dresses with floral prints or knit skirts on the figure. The laces, however, should not be the color of the shoes, it is possible to choose contrasting colors or even replace them with the ribbon to create a daring mix.

Glitter and metallic

 Warm and fashionable: choose the perfect shoes for the cold weather

All this sparkle! The shoes must Shine, Shine and to distinguish from the crowd. For the modest women, the designers have provided a traditional model, decorated with sequins of only constant heel of medium height. But these women are enjoying the trend in all its glory: studded with glitter boots, ankle boots in metallic leather or boots, embroidered with beads, sequins and pearls, with all the fruits of boundless imagination favorite designers. Wearing shoes, don’t just go to the restaurant or club, it’s now allowed to Brillare and in everyday life.

Boots, socks

 Warm and fashionable: choose the perfect shoes for the cold weather

Now surprised by the shoes of his youth? Yes, nostalgia for the 90-m is not yet possible to leave the catwalks of fashion. In recent seasons, with enviable regularity in the collections we have been able to observe popular in those years, boots, stockings from an elastic fabric that closely enclose the foot, emphasizing its grace and elegance. And if at first this trend seemed to be coming back too quickly, now, when these boots came out, every second of celebrities or fashion bloggers, it’s time to recognize the right stretch boots to occupy a place in our wardrobe . Most of these models are made of satin or velvet, but it is possible to find additional non-standard rooms with variations, for example, lace. Length stretch boots can range from ankle boots to boots.


 Warm and fashionable: choose the perfect shoes for the cold weather

Bold, equaline, bold – thigh deserve for a series of epithets. This shoe has captured the hearts of fashionistas and designers, and they have no intention of giving up their positions next season. If you still think that this model seems vulgar and unacceptable in everyday life, think again! Suede black boots on a wide heeled shoes fit perfectly in a business dress code, and in combination with the military jacket will look elegant and very chastely. In other words, if managed correctly, this trend is becoming true for the sound and translates the message, which they ask you – equalnet, strength or courage. Lifehack: shoes immediately loses the touch of vulgarity, if you choose the stable model, wide heel, and a “claw” in the front.

Red shoes

 Warm and fashionable: choose the perfect shoes for the cold weather [19659004] If last year the bold, the color of the shoes was considered white, which is to wear carefully, this fall and winter, together go to the red, which is much more practical! Red boots, ankle boots and shoes can be the only bright accent in the company of blue and gray jacket jeans, and can become part of a monochrome red ensemble. In choosing the material it may not be limited, after all, it required a variety of options, from red in leather and suede to satin and velvet. </p>
<h3> 80s style boots </h3>
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One of the dominant trends in this season’s fashion shoe are the 80s-style boots, with a wide ankle, which is essential for the bass, forming soft folds. This trend experienced a renaissance in the early 2000s, so that we now celebrate its third coming. Unlike all other shoe trends, this is the model to wear with skinny jeans, this will create bold contrast volumes. Another option is a combination of boots with a large tree gown or a skirt with a length just below the knee, so that the skirt finished exactly where the boot starts, so as not to leave a gap.


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