When creating your own individual and unique clothing style, you should definitely look at fashion coats presented by designers in the 2019-2020 season.

In the women’s wardrobe, there must be a coat that can be used for the dress at night and in the office, which complements the commercial image, as well as in everyday life.

Fashionable and stylish coats will give an image of femininity and elegance that will radically change the look of every woman and girl.

Therefore, when choosing and looking for an original coat for you, it is important to consider the style of clothing and lifestyle, as well as the event, that you choose an elegant and modern coat.

This season’s fashion shows revealed the main trends and trends, as well as the most popular coat styles of 2019-2020, to which all fashionable women will surely pay attention.

Fashion coats will delight in a variety of styles and textures, the most original and unusually beaten sleeves in a 2019-2020 coat, which can be common, very wide, shortened or completely absent.

This season remains a relevant classic coat, presented in the usual colors: black, brown, beige, dark blue, which will please the business woman and admirers of the classics, as well as a concise and sober dress style.

For girls and women who prefer bright and extravagant coats, don’t worry: designers offer models of exquisite coats in white, pink, coats in fuchsia, khaki, burgundy and originals with prints, ornaments, embroidery and decoration.

Let’s take a closer look at fashion trends and coat trends 2019-2020: fashion styles of coats and novelties of coats, whose photos are presented later in the review.

A classic that does not go out of style: fashion coats for 2019-2020

The beautiful coats of a classic silhouette are always in fashion and perfectly complement the beautiful evening dresses, as well as the informal office images. The classic coats are comfortable and practical, with the appearance of femininity, elegance and moderation, they are perfect for almost any type of figure.

Fashionable coats of classic styles are predominantly presented in a combination of calm colors: beige, brown, gray, dark blue and black, which are more compatible with most things in the basic closet.

Among the 2019-2020 fashion coats are double-breasted coats, a collarless or wide-necked coat, which looks very elegant and original.

Original coats 2019-2020 with unusual sleeves

Fashion trends in a coat in the 2019-2020 season are represented by a variety of sleeve variations that significantly change the perception of the external image. Presented at the fashion shows of the season, they are beautiful coats with very wide sleeves that look like bells.

Coats with bulky sleeves are best suited for clean sex with curvilinear shapes.

Fashion coats with wide sleeves Pretty ambiguous trend: original and memorable, and will attract girls who are not afraid to experiment with the style.

The designers presented us with interesting coats with short sleeves that open their arms and make the image interesting and fun.

Fashion coats with short sleeves can be complemented with long brightly colored gloves or a sweater of an unusual color to wear under the coat, which will give the image of lightness and coquetry.

Another bold trend of 2019-2020 is a sleeveless coat, which is suitable for not very cold climates, when you don’t need to heat up so much.

Sleeveless coats are comfortable and comfortable, but at the same time, it is worth remembering that such a coat cannot be worn in any weather.

Very original styles of the 2019-2020 cape with the shoulders lowered, which makes the silhouette more rounded and gives it softness and softness. This version of a coat with low shoulders is more often applicable to large models, which gives volume to the image and some lack of form.

Beautiful coats with low shoulders are presented in bright colors and pastel shades that will make your look sweet and soft.

Fashion coats 2019-2020 in bright colors and beautiful coats with a print

Original patterned layers are incredibly popular, thanks to the ability to create bright and memorable images. Very popular coats in a cage: trend vichy cage and other equally popular varieties of this print in the classic for the cold period colors.

This season you can also see floral prints, ornaments with flowers and prints, both along the coat and in part. Floral motifs add romance and femininity to your style.

The 2019-2020 fashion coats are no less impressive in a bright monochrome color of lemon, orange, green, pink and blue tones.

The beautiful layers of bright colors are the best option for warm clothes to create the same beautiful and memorable tie.

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