Hair: the top color of this autumn-winter will be the Lilac Hair, the purple in all its shades, discover the variants with gray, blue, pink and the most trendy modes

If you thought that autumn and winter were dark, gray and not at all colored seasons, you were really wrong because this winter the top color will be the Lilac Hair. What’s this? Simply the purple color, in all its shades. A particular color that, however, in its many nuances and variations is really good for everyone, from teenagers to career women, the important thing is to find the right nuance. There are no competitors: the hair of autumn 2019 that we will carry until winter 2020 will have the color violet according to the trends. Yes, the tag Lilac Hair literally violet hair counts on Instagram over 200 thousand posts that move like tricks and can’t leave you indifferent. No doubt, here, because every haircut this autumn will love the violet, you can bet on it, and you only have to choose the shade of dyed on the hair – strictly Lilac – to do reliance. The hair trend of the autumn 2019 purple color is in fact for all, whether you have long haircuts or short hair, and fills your cold season with magic. Ready to say yes to the sexiest hair color of autumn-winter 2019-20? I bet yes

Trendy hair? Yes to color Lilac Hair


Don’t you know what Lilac Hair is? Simply the color that this fall – winter will be the most followed by the trendiest women in the world: violet! This color gives to everyone, whether you have very long hair or a short cut makes no difference, Lilac Hair is modified according to the nuances you prefer. So you can have tonal purple balayage, wonderful! Or shades on the tips tending to gray / silver. In short, the Lilac Hair is the top that is already very popular on Instagram!

Let’s find out how to adapt the purple color to the different haircuts, in order to match the color to each length. And you, what would you prefer, a Total Lilac Hair on long and wavy hair or shaded on the tips for a very short cut? Check out the purple variations and choose the one that best suits your new look lilac

The different shades of Viola

Violet stimulates the imagination and allows you to be creative! Here are some ideas:

  • Red-purple color: to get this color, your hairdresser will have to increase the amount of red and decrease that of blue to create a burgundy shade particularly suitable for those with dark hair.
  • Dark purple color : for an it-girl look, try balayage, with dark purple roots and lilac tips on a light brown base
  • Bright purple color: without taking anything away from the other shades, the bright purple is undoubtedly the favorite one! With different shades of bright purple you can create degradé effects that will give movement to the hair.
  • Pastel purple color: pastel purple is a warm color, which makes you think of fun and parties. From lavender to lilac, from gray-purple to mauve, the options are many.

Violet color on long hair: Trends 2019 / 20

the Lilac hair color is perfect on every haircut but you have to admit that you have a hair already naturally thick and long with wavy hair the result is a guaranteed success, regardless of the shades on the hair that you will choose. You will be happy to know that the color Violetto is fashionable and we will see it on the heads of VIPs but also on the heads of ordinary people because colored hair is now a must have!

The watchword will be “ movement “, given by natural waves, voluminous folds and color, skillfully applied to create play of light and shadow . The Violet color hair lends itself to enhancing voluminous hair, making the hair multi-dimensional and multi-faceted, modern and glam. Whether you have long or short hair, the cut, combined with Lilac Hair takes on a refined and lively allure, saucy but with character at the same time. In this case the long hair whether smooth or wavy, appears to be enhanced by the color Viola skillfully combined with tone on tone shades.

Violet color on medium-short hair: a must-have 2020

The color Lilac Hair combined with short cuts geometric and cheeky, makes the glam style and modern, perfectly suited to those who love to dare and always appear protagonist on every occasion. I short haircuts With the violet color they light up and become a trendy eclectic mix. Choose to color the hair as a whole or to give small strokes of dye on the tips to obtain a volume effect. Perfect even if combined with medium cuts and long bob, the violet is perfect if used to make scratches or streaks on a dark base, creating a play of light that is as striking as it is chic. If your medium haircut needs an eccentric turn, choose the trendy Lilac Hair combining them with a bright color. You’ll see that satisfaction when you do the hairstyles on bi-colored hair.

Color Violet with light blue: a trend not to be missed!

Hair 2019/2020 love to experiment, dare and appear without overdoing it. It might seem that purple is just that: eccentric and flashy but it is not so if it is shaded in different colors. An example? the blue, topic trend of winter 2020, this nuance will be the most enveloping and elegant thing your hair will ever dare. But be careful to “dare”, because this shade of color on the violet must be done to perfection. How to do it? Combining the purple color with the blue tint fading it over the lengths. This will give you a unique look. Lilac Hair yes, but with an original twist. The combination of this shade combined by the colorist with shades of tone on tone of different shades, makes the dynamic hair and modern. An example is represented by degradè which thanks to the new blue color, takes on an almost futuristic appearance. The violet roots in contrast with the peaks a little lighter and more nuanced than blue make the foliage definitely very original.

Violet gradient color with gray: it’s called Lilac smokey

Nothing can take your head off the purple hair with silvery gray shades? The solution is to combine them together, creating a gradation from the roots to the tips and gaining a position in the top ten of the most requested tops of the season. The trendy look for the coming winter 2020 has a name: Lilac Smokey. We’ve already seen it on the coolest catwalks of the last season and increasingly, it’s catching on in the most exclusive and fashionable saloons. Lilac Smokey: color that mixes the gray typical of granny hair with the tones of purple in the numerous varieties ranging from lavender to lilac.
In fact, the nuances that can be reached with this mix proposed by the lilac smokey coloring are endless and beautiful. Of course, like all non-traditional colors, the risk is sometimes that of looking a bit too “cartoon”. And yet, if the right mix of gray and violet is used, in this case the danger could be averted, while obviously remaining decidedly original and flashy . The lilac smokey would seem to look good at all leather tones thanks to the color that contains in itself nuances that are at the same time warm and cold. Just as it would seem to succeed in adapting to blondes as to brunettes depending on the gradation of gray and violet that one chooses to adopt, making blackberries darker or mysterious, while blondes are almost nymphs. The shades Grigio Cenere and Viola are the best combination ever. The splendid color contrast is achieved with innovative coloring techniques, with purple roots and smoky silver tips. How about? The lilac smokey coloring has conquered you?

Violet color loves dark root: here is the new 2020 trend

As in any self-respecting balayage if you choose the Lilac Hair version don’t forget to keep the dark root to give depth to your new hair color and make it look instantly more lit. An advice? choose this combination especially on the scaled hair ! A dark base lends itself to receiving all the Violet shades resulting in an essential but almost magical, creative and whimsical chromatic harmony.

Mermicorn Hair: combinations of violet and pastel colors, for a mermaid result

 hair color test

Inspired by the fantastic mythological world, Mermicorn Hair takes its name from the mythological muse, the mermaid – unicorn: hence the name mermicorn, derived from the words “mermaid” (siren) and “unicorn” (unicorn). A trend that is becoming popular on social media due to its exceptional results: the color is applied only on the tips of the hair and not at the root, obtaining a shaded effect, which concerns the final part of the hair. The result is extraordinary and you can make a natural color or, as in this particular case like purple, always according to your preferences. The long and flowing hair is perfectly suited to this new hair color. The purple color lends itself very well to this new look. A swirl of purple colors, an explosion of vitality shaded to perfection with the colors of blue, pink and gray. The Mermicorn look has three different colors but they go perfectly together. Vibrant shades were collected to create a amazing color scheme . The purple roots welcome peach in the middle and end with metallic silver in the lower part. Only for the bravest ones who love challenges!

And again Marble Hair (marble effect look) built on a base Viola where playing with color becomes a pleasure for the hair stylist who gives vent to his imagination and creativity, giving us dreamlike hair. In short, Lilac Hair are now trendy. This is not an easy color, far from it, but it is certainly perfect for those who are not afraid of expressing their personality through color.

Color Purple on a blonde or blackberry base? Follow our advice to make no mistake


Do you want to try to change look but at home but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, follow some valuable pre-colored tips whether you’re blonde or you’re Mora. It is not easy to switch from brown or blonde to an original shade like this and usually the best thing is to try a temporary color, so as not to risk too much if you change your mind. These incredibly fascinating colors, which can be mixed together to create infinite possibilities, disappear from 3 to 15 shampoos, depending on the shade. You can opt for a total look purple or for a less decisive style, choosing to color only the points or some tuft in strategic areas, easy to hide in case of formal occasions.

  • Bionda Base: For example, if you have blonde hair you know it is not so difficult to get a good result using the purple hair dye . You can find them at super or in salons and it won’t take you long! If you opt to make the color at home, be careful though to protect the work base, the bathroom furniture and clean the sink immediately after finishing rinsing. Do not forget to wear an old t-shirt that you no longer use because every drop of purple that will fall on the shirt is destined to remain there forever.
  • Base Mora: Do you want to have a purple hair but you have a dark base, black or brown? In this case it is a bit more difficult but not impossible. It will be necessary to rely on a good hairdresser because the first step is the bleaching that will make you become oxygenated blonde! Do you know Barbie? Here it is. First of all it is necessary to dampen your natural color and make it a sort of blank sheet on which you can write with the hottest lilac marker of the moment. Careful though that the discoloration could require more than one color and your hair could become mega brittle! Then prepare your hair a few weeks before doing colored hair masks and using a linseed oil to strengthen them. Second step : choose your favorite purple color rely on your hairstylist as always and find out more about hairbeauty magazines.

How to keep the color purple bright and longer

The first advice is to not wash them every day. This is a good way to avoid losing the brightness of the color: opt for a dry shampoo and choose delicate products suitable for colored hair, such as low-shampoos and very nourishing masks. Remember then not to abound with hair dryer and plate (otherwise the straw effect will be the protagonist of the next weeks) and you prefer the natural drying, massaging first the hair with a warm towel. Once dry, pamper your purple hair with a strengthening oil, for a super glossy finish.

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner with formulas specifically designed for colored hair. There are several on the market for a vibrant color and full wash after wash.
  2. Talk to a professional colorist, who will find the most suitable shade for your base, avoiding nasty surprises.
  3. Apply a hair mask frequently and make an appointment in the salon for a specific treatment. The nourished hair, in fact, enhance the color more.


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