common anxiety disorder

People with Common Anxiety Disorder are affected by “constant, excessive and unrelated anxiety”. Excessive anxiety prevents the patient from continuing daily life. Patients with this disease tend to think the worst case scenario in every situation. Everything is out of their control, there is no possibility of a good result or a way back. Anxiety is usually related to health, family or money. The uncontrollable state of anxiety is almost daily for at least 6 months and continues throughout the days.

The prevalence of Common Anxiety Disorder is 5-6%. In other words, every 5-6 person out of 100 may have this disease at some point in their lives. The sensivity for anxiety increases with aging. Common Anxiety Disorder is the most common type of anxiety disorders in old ages.

What Are The Symptoms of Common Anxiety Disorder?

The main symptom of the disease is excessive anxiety without a real reason or with a reason that is not related to the situation. Most of the time, the patient is aware of the excessiveness however they cannot control it and keep calm. They are known as “over-tempered” in their environment. Some other important symptoms are tiredness, lack of attention, fear, insomnia.

Some physical symptoms often accompanies common anxiety disorder as if there is a physical disease. These symptoms might be unexplained fatigue, headache and muscle aches, swallowing difficulties, tremors and strains, sweating, intolerance, nausea, dizziness, hot flashes.


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