men's birth control pill

Sounds like science fiction, but no. The contraceptive pill for men has passed the tests, but for the sale in pharmacies we will have to wait

Until recently nobody would have even imagined it, instead today it seems to be reality. The “ pillolo ” – this is the first nickname he has acquired – has not come out of a science fiction film, but is the result of some spectacular advances in medicine today. In a conference of the Endocrine Society in New Orleans the studies and tests that the drug went through have been shown, concerning the safety and tolerability for the human body. But this is only a first step: many other years of research will be needed, especially to demonstrate the efficacy of birth control pills for men . To date, even for the release of pill we will have to wait another 10 years, the statistics say that many men would be enthusiastic: according to a research by Human Reproduction, about 55% would use it and 70% the sees it as a good practice to introduce into the couple’s sexual life.

Pill for men: how it is made and what is has been studied

The “ pillolo ” has therefore become reality, but to find it in the pharmacy we will have to wait a long time. But how is the drug made? To explain it is the author of the study, who declares that sperm production will be reduced without affecting the work of libido. However, there is still some work to be done: in fact, to be sold the drug will have to present the least possible number of side effects and must be as effective, from the contraceptive point of view, for those who want to take it. The tests were performed on a sample of 40 men who were given different doses of the same drug being tested, and there seem to already be significant results. In fact, the disorders found are minimal: mild headaches, appearance of acne and exhaustion, while very few have experienced a decrease in sexual desire.


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