Conduroy jeans

The modern market is literally invaded by all sorts of novelties in the field of fashion. Every year we are offered something new, something more practical or elegant. This applies to I. has released today a lot of different types and forms, but it continues to enjoy an enviable popularity just as women and men for a long time. This is a classic that will always be in fashion.

What is corduroy

There is no general opinion, when it emerged that the material. In English the word “corduroy” means “velvet”.

Long ago, corduroy could afford only very rich, because it was considered one of the most beautiful materials of that time and “worthy” of the king. The recipe and the process of making this fabric has preserved and handed down from generation to generation, from father to son.

Corduroy was intended not only for clothing but also for the beauty of decoration. From coarser than corduroy made obviuse for furniture, which he could afford to very noble and wealthy, or Royal family. This fabric is “passed” through many revolutions and the Crusades, before reaching the modern machine.

In these times, the production process has changed several times. Modern corduroy has become more suited to everyday life: flexible and durable.

Initially, this material was chosen to use, for clothing for street workers. Velvet keeps warm, soft and comfortable during wear, not very rough. Because of these practical qualities with his time, love, and citizens.

A couple of years ago he would not find any dressing room, where the child would be corduroy pants. Men wore their work without fear of violation of the dress code, and fashionista-women who wore them in a cool climate, for a walk with a warm sweater or cardigan. The peak of corduroy popularity peaked in the 2000-th year. At that time he conquered the wardrobe of children and adults around the world, and then slowly moved towards the classics.

Only there are different types of this material: corduroy, ribbed and velveton.

Cable – the most common and is used to sew warm clothes. It is characterized by a grosgrain and tightened. It is perfect for winter.

Wale is more focused on warm autumn and spring.

Velveton also used for sewing warm coveralls.

However, corduroy is a great platform for experimentation. The fact that velvet is literally nothing to ruin. Of course, regardless of the form of trousers, the variety that will be discussed later. Corduroy jeans found their place in the wardrobe of many subcultures.

Velvet is perfect for men and women of all ages. Beautiful women, comfortable to wear corduroy work trousers, their combination with satin and silk blouses, and men used to wear over trousers, cotton shirts or light sweaters.

Children who are of restlessness and vigor, will be convenient for them to play in cool weather, from corduroy not limiting movement, because the structure that the usual jeans is much softer and more elastic.

Corduroy trousers are available in large and small ribs. Correctly selected model, color and texture of these pants, you can visually reduce or increase its shape and height.

For example, black corduroy grosgrain and high-waisted jeans are the best to wear for girls and women who dream of looking thinner and taller. For those who want to visually make shapes “juicy”, it is advisable to buy the flared trousers in the ribbed model.

The models have corduroy trousers like ordinary models and jeans. Here it is possible to find narrow and wide, high and low waist, flared trousers and cables, and many others. Fans of velvet can also fluctuate in the choice of colors, from the darkest to the lightest. In addition to velvet jeans easily sit on the figure when worn.

While in the store, at the time of assembly make sure that the new clothes tighten to your body. After three to five socks are a little stretch and sit on your figure and deserve your love.

Mikrovolnovye jeans

This fabric has the purpose of ribs, which is only six millimeters or less. This fabric is very similar to velvet, so it looks very nice! But the production of this material is not silk and cotton yarns with the addition of viscose. It is, without a doubt, the biggest advantage is its durability and longevity. Because of these qualities it is loved by consumers. Moreover, this material does not bend and always looks spectacular and rich.

For men they are very popular for the costumes of this material, and that women love to buy pants that feel and look softer and thinner than common corduroys. They are ideal for the beginning of spring or autumn.

Because this material contains paint manufacturers that are pleasing to the eyes of young consumers, attracting them with beautiful images and prints on your product. Mikrovolnovye jeans are great for everything, except that it is not recommended to try to combine two corduroy products at the same time.


As previously mentioned, corduroy, due to its strength and thermal stability is more suitable for autumn and spring or winter. But the modern manufacturer is not willing to drive themselves into a painting, continuing to please his customers with the thinnest and “simplified” jeans of a shaped corduroy. It also fits a short nap and a light texture. This fabric is very thin and made with his pants is perfect for cold days, long walks in nature, Hiking and night time get-together at home.


The fashion is back, and turn with an impressive speed, made of jeans with a flared leg towards the knee to the silhouette of the hips.

This form of pants is versatile and suitable for every situation: for home, work and walks. Women and girls like to wear these pants for the office. Flared corduroy jeans are perfect for protecting the fair sex from the cool climate of the street and vigor, they feel comfortable in a closed office.

Now the famous designer is actively implementing this model of corduroy trousers and in their new collections. Alice by Temperley, Calvin Klein and Christopher Kane decided to focus on high life. With these pants, even the smallest ladies can visually increase your height!

Black velvet jeans with flared legs will be spectacular in black with the addition of bright blouses and turtlenecks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Corduroy trousers is equally suitable for both everyday and evening looks.

For men it is ideal for the office or in the field. And women can wear comfortable for long walks in a cool climate.

Externally, corduroy velvet as a microvalve very aesthetically pleasing, soft and incredibly comfortable, which is certainly a plus for their owners. Corduroy jeans do not need ironing, the material itself is not very dirty. This material is perfect for young people who like to spend a lot of time on the road with friends. Furthermore, corduroy maintains excellent varnish and, in this sense, experience during washing is not necessary.

For a child, you can always find something fun and bright model! Corduroy adapts perfectly to any style and look just as well in combination with any other material. These jeans will last only one season, because the material is very durable!

Of course, the advantages of corduroy much, but there are disadvantages. For example, this material is very rarely possible to combine solemnly.

Pants made with this material, the most suitable for everyday life: work, walking, travel and the like.

To wear the same corduroy jeans for an important event where you need to look respectable or solemn, you will not succeed. Corduroys are not just designed for that aspect. Furthermore, the material is already furnished. It has visible and velvety scars, spots, and therefore, any attempt to vary them can end in failure. Corduroy jeans loves minimalism.

Corduroy is very whimsical to wash. He does not tolerate machine washing and needs to be gentle with him. Pants made of this material, in any case, is not pressed. It is recommended to wash by hand with water and soap at forty degrees. Then you should give some water from your trousers, and then lay them on a Sponge towel and wait until all the moisture from them. Then dry at room temperature.

Brand models

Like this year, corduroy is back in fashion, many well-known stores have already included corduroy trousers for sale. If you decide to buy pants from this material, you can easily find a modern selection of pants.

If you select don’t forget that choosing the right model and color will help you to highlight the advantages of your figure. Stretch corduroy, when worn, in order to make sure that at the time of purchase, the pants fit perfectly to your body. Don’t take too tight pants – let it be quite comfortable.


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