Couple crisis: 6 symptoms that something is wrong

How to understand that something in the relationship is wrong? What are the signs to catch before it is too late?

All reports can go through ups and downs because the life of two it is not at all simple but this does not necessarily mean that the story is coming to an end.

Quarrels, squabbles and long faces are not signs of a couple crisis; the symptoms that something is wrong are well, much deeper and “insidious” . It is therefore possible to understand if the relationship we are living is at risk paying attention to some changes.

6 Signals from do not underestimate
When you experience a couple crisis, people and relational dynamics undergo a change compared to when everything it was fine. To avoid finding oneself from one day to the other at the famous point of no return, one should occasionally sit down and take stock of the situation to understand if history is going through a difficult time. Only in this way, together, or with the help of a therapist, can one still try to save the relationship and “adjust” what is wrong .
Here are the 6 symptoms of a couple crisis.

  1. Pessimism and annoyance When people are no longer well together they begin to have negative and hostile attitudes and thoughts towards the partner.
  2. Poor communication Talking and comparing are the bases for a healthy relationship when communication is reduced only to trivial things, without going deep, perhaps it means that something is wrong.
  3. Blessing only the other The obvious symptom of a couple crisis is to reprimand the partner for everything without ever questioning
  4. Lack of support and objectives Setting common goals is a useful ingredient for the couple to function; however, when this thing fails, it means that perhaps you no longer want to walk the path together with your partner. Furthermore, if the couple is in crisis, the support and approval of the other is also lacking.
  5. Wanting to change the partner When the story goes well, we accept each other and also love each other’s defects; wanting a person other than the one we knew instead is a symptom of a couple crisis.
  6. Arguing all the time Discussions are needed by the couple, to get to know each other and move on; however, when the arguments are continuous and there is never a solution, it means that something is wrong.


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